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The tour begins in Edinburgh. From there we will visit the rugged and wild Scottish Highlands. Take in the sights of Inverness and Loch Ness.

From there we travel to the Isle of Mull and will travel by boat to an uninhabited island to see the puffins.

There's so much more. Check out the full details below.



Connie Fanders is the Director of Education and Training for BERNINA of America where she leads a team of talented educators to develop trainings on BERNINA products, inspirational projects sewn on a BERNINA and test products that are in development.

Connie took the 52-Week Photo Challenge in 2016 and decided to repeat it in 2018. Here is a short interview about her experience. 


Challenge: Flowers/Macro, by Connie Fanders

R: What prompted you to sign up for the photo challenge class?
C: I’m a very beginner at taking photos plus I knew nothing about Lightroom and Photoshop. This was an un-intimidating and motivational way to learn and work within my schedule. It also provides a new way to be creative and a diversion from my work routine.

R: You submitted photos almost every week. As a very busy executive for BERNINA, how did you manage juggling your job with a fun/learning experience?
C:This was definitely a weekend project. Every Saturday morning I would look at the challenge and by Sunday night it would need to be ready to post. Many times I didn’t want to go far from home to take the photo so I had to get creative with what was in my house or in the yard.

R: What was the most difficult part of the class?
C: Finding the time to give a lot of thought to the challenge and plan the photo. I loved reading the new challenge each week and would start to think of the possibilities but then time wouldn’t allow me to search for the right shot.

R: Is there any particular challenge that stood out to you - memorable?
C: Drive pans. I had no success with this technique and really struggle to decide what is a good photo.

R: Was there any take-away from the experience that stays with you today?
C: Take a step back and look at your surroundings, photo opportunities are all over the place. The photos you take become a diary of where you have been, what you have done and who you enjoy.

R: Once didn’t seem to be enough so you signed up again to retake the course in 2018. Tell me why?
C: The first time it took the course everything was so new to me. Since I had to limit my time to the weekends for this project I would have one opportunity to take the challenge photo each week. After I took a series of photos I would go to Lightroom to fine tune the image and wish I would have taken it at a different angle, different setting etc but I didn’t have time to go back and re-shoot. Many weeks I felt I wanted to do it over.

The second time I took the course I had the first experience behind me and could more thoughtfully plan the photo and knew more of how to adjust the camera setting. Every challenge lesson I feel I understand more about the process.

R: What advice might you share for anyone considering participating in the next 52-Week Photo Challenges?
C: Do it!


Challenge: Decay, by Connie Fanders


Challenge: Forks, by Connie Fanders


Challenge: White on White, by Connie Fanders

Enrollment for 2019 Photo Challenge Class is open now.


70% off Deadline is December 2, 2018

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Challenge: Panorama, by Connie Fanders

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Update July 5, 2018


Yes Autumn Rock (our 40 acre parcel) burned - it's devastated.

Yes, Yellowstone Creek Ranch (2500 acres that is home to several of us - an HOA - is burned - devastated.

All these days I have said in the posts, we had a 5% chance that the house might have survived.

I got the word this afternoon - the HOUSE SURVIVED! In the middle of armageddon the house survived!





Update July 3, 2018


Justin and I were together atop a high ridge about 4 miles away as our dream went up in flames. It only took the raging beast about 20 minutes to consume our 40 acres and it rolled down the ranch consuming all 2500 acres in maybe 3 hours. We are fine. Here is a link to my Facebook post. 




Update July 2, 2018 - 

FIRE UPDATE: I received this photo on Sunday evening - about 8 hours ago. It was taking by friends who have parcels on the ranch. They were there watching/waiting. Due to the severity of the situation - after this was taken - they left.

Our house at Autumn Rock can be seen in the bottom of the photo. My best guess is that when this was taken it was about 100 yards away.

The second photo shows the house and how it sits in proximity to the trees/fuel. Of course all those are out of frame on the image with fire. The additional overview was taken by Justin about 12 hours before the image with the fire. But I add it here to give you perspective.Within minutes for sure the house was either surrounded or engulfed and there may be no way to know for a while.

Thank you for your support and love. It means a lot and helps Justin and I cope. Of course miracles can happen, but the beast has basically reached the door of the castle. I fly home today.




Posted Sunday morning, July 1, 2018

On Wednesday, June 27th a small plume of smoke was seen rising over the mountain ridge west of La Veta, Colorado. The guess by those seeing it from La Veta would have been a fire in Forbes Park. Indeed it was - but it was such a small cloud.

The fire grew quickly to over 2000 acres and over the next 24 hours turning into a monster that devoured everything in its path over the ridge. But then it crested the ridge and began a descent down the slopes toward our small town - population only 800. 

The entire town was in danger of being engulfed, but firefighters managed to create enough fire break to make that attack manageable. The growth to the north and south and west continues to be fast and erratic. 

As a result, the new mountain house (Autumn Rock) that Justin and I just built and finished in March this year - on a parcel we purchased in 2002 - is now facing the inevitable. 

In three days it has grown to 41,000 acres and is considered zero percent contained. 

The full account can be read here. EDITED TO ADD: But the updated results are up at the top of this article


Justin took this photo from the deck of our house in La Veta just 28 hours after the initial smoke plume. 

(60” x 60”)

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