52-Week Photo Challenge Class Week 41 - Decay

Week 52 Photo Challenge:

Week 41, Decay 

Photo by Kathleen Madden

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Kathleen says:

I went out nearly every day to take photos and kept my camera in the passenger seat of my car. I stepped out of my car at a friend's house and looked down and saw this purple leaf against the totally decayed ones. I liked the contrast in colors and stages of decay surrounding it.


          Critique Group Challenge           from week 41

Critique Group Challenge: 

Week 41, Wide Angle

Photo by Julie Titus

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Julie says:

I haven't played with this lens attachement in years, but it's really fun! It's billed as a super macro attachment, but also has this xtra wide view when zoomed out (18mm is my widest).

I also got a brief helicopter ride this week, and thought about submitting one of those images, but this one just makes me happy for fall, and I think is a fun point of view.


Smart Phone Photo Challenges
Week 41 - Squares

Smart Phone Challenge:

Week 41, Squares

Photo by Debbie Lomas

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Debbie says:

I found this week challenging. Other than fabric quilts or cutting boards, I didn’t have much inspiration. I found the sulphur crested cockatoo this morning behind some squares. Edited in Prisma

 Ricky's Challenge Photo

Smart Phone Challenge:

Week 41, Squares

Photo by Ricky Tims

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Ricky says:

I am in a small little Airbnb, looking for squares, and I found some squares in the tile floor of the bathroom. I shot the photo and then I edited the photo and distressed FX. I really wanted to do something extra so I researched double exposure apps and I found one called Image Blender. I used that and blended the same image on top of itself, rotated it 180°, shrunk it so it was smaller and then cropped off part of it so that it was square. So now I have another tool in my toolbox



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