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Buyer's Guide
The Ricky Tims Buyer's Guide contains the complete catalog of items manufactured or published by Ricky Tims Inc. and Autumn Rock Publishing. It is updated quarterly. The guide is formatted as a digital PDF for instant download. The file contains active click-and-go links as well as an interactive order form that enables you to submit an order anytime—day or night. Download the PDF, save it or print it for your files.

Please note: Items manufactured or printed by other companies are not available for wholesale purchase through Ricky Tims Inc. Check with your favorite distributor to order those items.

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Virtual Quilt Luminarium
Consider hosting a two-day, in-store Virtual Quilt Luminarium by Ricky Tims. These lecture/demo sessions will be streamed into your store. You sell all Quilt Luminarium related products, and are urged to create specials on your shop items—from notions, to fabric, to sewing machines.





The Ricky Tims Catalog
Ricky Tims Inc has a growing line of Ricky Tims patterns as well as books, video tutorials, music CDs, and novelty items. Click through to see a full list of Ricky Tims items/books/patterns published by Autumn Rock Publishing, a division of Ricky Tims Inc.


The Lizzy Albright Master Plan
Lizzy Albright is the main character in a middle-grade fantasy/fiction novel written by Ricky Tims and Kat Bowser. There are many quilt related opportunities from which your business can benefit. Learn how Lizzy Albright can generate excitement in your store.


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