Lizzy Albright: The Novel    

Who is Lizzy Albright, anyway? Lizzy Albright is the main character in a fantasy story written by Ricky Tims and Kat Bowser. The story is not about a quilt, but the quilt is significant because the names of quilt blocks are the catalyst that launch Lizzy on her amazing adventure. The foundation is the novel The entire Lizzy Albright master plan is based on the nov-el, Lizzy Albright and the Attic Window (Autumn Rock Publishing). There are multiple opportunities for your business to benefit, but in order to maximize the Lizzy Albright impact in your shop—the novel is key. Current and future product sales all point back to this first novel in the Lizzy Albright series.


The story is a fantasy that appeals to all ages. Granny explains the history behind the quilt and teaches Lizzy the names of the blocks. Whimsical and peculiar monikers like Flying Geese, Bear Paw, and Snail’s Trail take Lizzy on a fantastic adventure. The 1964 setting will appeal to many quilters, and the techno pseudo-steampunk fantasy king-dom will appeal to a younger generation. An imaginative young girl, an antique quilt, a goose named Gretta, and a cursed kingdom combine as the foundation for a fantastic fantasy filled with surprise, wonderment, betrayal, bravery, mystery, and intrigue.


Promote to all ages Do not be deceived by the middle grade designation. The story
has broad appeal. Promote the novel to all of your customers. One of the most significant aspects of the Lizzy Albright master plan is to es-tablish a new generation of quilters and it all starts by falling in love with Lizzy Albright.

Lizzy Albright: Quilt pattern book    
The novel leads to the pattern book The pattern book, Granny’s 1930 Sampler, can be used in conjunction with Lizzy Albright clubs, BOM opportuni-ties, ongoing classes, and more. The quilt was designed by Ricky Tims and is described in the novel. Seasoned quilters can help the youngsters make the Lizzy Albright quilt. The quilt is not a project for youngsters to do on their own, but there are many aspects of making the quilt that a youngster can do. The older, more experienced genera-tion can lead the way and making the quilt can be a joint endeavor. Watch for online video tutorials from Ricky Tims.  

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