Hand-dyed Fabric Care

Congratulations on your purchase of beautiful hand dyed fabric from Ricky Tims, Inc.

All of our cotton fabrics are dyed with Procion, fiber-reactive dyes and pre-washed twice in hot water with Synthrapol (a highly concentrated detergent) and then rinsed twice. Synthrapol is easily found online through an online search and often available in some art supply stores and quilt shops.

Although our rinse comes out clear, all water sources vary in chemical and mineral content; thus we recommend a prewash as an extra precaution.

We recommend an additional wash using regular household detergent (or Synthrapol) in the hottest water possible, tumble dry, and iron before use. We also recommend washing darks with darks, mediums with mediums, and lights with lights.

About Hand-dying

Fabric dying is a chemical process. The dyes are made from molecules that chemically bond with the natural fibers of the fabric. Not all dye molecules bond with the fabric, leaving particles of dye loosely caught into the weave of the fabric. The job of Synthrapol is to surround these excess loose dye molecules and carry them away in the rinse water. Bonded molecules cannot “bleed”. Bleeding occurs with molecules that are not bonded.

About Fabric Bleeding

First, a quilt that will not get wet (spritzed) or immersed in water will not bleed. Bleeding occurs when wet fabric containing leftover non-bonded dye molecules, through capillary action, migrates from one fabric to another.  The result of this action is visible and is what is commonly known as “bleeding”.

If you ever experience color bleeding in your projects, wash them in Synthrapol. Remember, the bleeding effect is a result of non-bonded molecules and therefore these loose molecules should wash away – even if they are appearing on another fabric. This is true for both commercial and hand-dyed fabrics. Synthrapol is Ricky’s first “go-to” product for all color-bleeding concerns.

Enjoy using your new hand-dyed fabric with confidence!

* The above information is provided based on our best research and personal experience.  We make no guarantees that you will never experience color-bleeding issues.

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