The Legacy Quilt Club?

Just what you need - another club to join right? But this one is a virtual club and totally free! Better yet, Starting January 2017 will can download a free pattern each month for 20 months to make the famous Legacy Quilt. Scroll down to download the blocks.

What is the Legacy Quilt and what prompted me to take this on? First and foremost, I love traditional quilt designs. What I love even more is the challenge to put a fresh, contemporary spin on those timeless classics. The new Blendables (hand-dyed gradations from Ricky Tims Inc.) inspired this new journey and I hope you will come along for the ride.


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Legacy Quilt (2015),  blocks are 15” finished.

Celebrating the 150th birthday of Laura Ingalls Wilder. 

Click here to learn more about the Laura Ingalls Wilder Legacy and Research Association. 

The Back Story

In 2015 I enjoyed designing the blocks for our local production of, The Quilters. Most of the blocks in this quilt are used to intertwine the stories of pioneer women. The play reveals their hardships, their celebrations, and their tragedies. I chose fabrics for the theatrical quilt to represent fabrics similar to fabrics that were from the pioneer days. The quilt shown here is the actual quilt from the show. It is presented horizontally because the stage was not large enough for it to be presented vertically.



Easy as 1•2•3  

1. Get my Ricky Tims newsletter. SIGN UP HERESign up for the newsletter at This project will live under the EVENTS tab at

2. Each month the newsletter will provide a link to this page to get the download. The downloadable and printable PDFs have the necessary templates and/or instructions for making the block. The pattern assumes the quilter has basic understanding of construction techniques and methods. Coupon codes will be in the newsletter!

3. Our four colorways will be shown each month made from the Blendables. Everyone who participates will receive discount codes for 15% off of your purchase at the Ricky Tims Online Store.


Four Blendables Colorways

Each Blendables pack has six hand-dyed fat quarters. Each colorway is comprised of two coordinating Blendables packs (twelve fat quaters total) and a coordinating one-yard piece of background fabric. The background fabric is one of the regular Rhapsody fabrics. The twelve fat quarters plus the full one-yard background piece (a total of four yards) will allow you to make several blocks. Blendables will remain in the web store so when you find you are starting to run low, you can simply order more. Purchasing fabric as you need it is easier on your budget. You don’t have to buy all the fabric for the quilt at once.



Participants always SAVE 15% -

Use Coupon Code:


Good for all products at Ricky Tims Online Store.
Expires May 15, 2017 

Create Your Own Blendable

To create your own colorway, you will need to select any two single Blendables packs and a single yard of any color you wish to coordinate as your background fabric. Blendables packs are sold separately so you can create your own color magic. Legacy Quilt Club participants get 15% off of purchases in the Ricky Tims Online Store



Yardages needed for the quilt are not calculated. For those using commercial fabric, I suggest obtaining 4-5 yards of background fabric. Then, consider using coordinated scraps for the rest of the quilt to provide variety and remove any worry of running out of a particular fabric. If you run low on Blendables fabric, simply order more. Blendables will remain in stock, or we will dye more for you right away. You won’t run out of this special fabric. 



Stop and Go

There’s no requirment for making the blocks. Work at your own pace and let this be an ongoing side project while you are working on other projects.



 First Four Blocks - Four Color Ways

It's exciting to see the colors coming together. Shown at right are the four color ways made using the Blendables fabrics. 


Lets Connect As A Group!

Due to the popularity and excitement that is building, I have created a online meeting parlor in the Community Tab at website where you can interact and share photos of your blocks. Anyone can participate if you have a TQS membership — both FREE Basic Members or Star Members of TheQuiltShow are welcome. 


The Legacy Quilt Club Parlor




Month Four


Diamond Star

Here is a stunning passage about stars.

"Softly Pa's fiddle sang in the starlight. The large, bright stars hung down from the sky. Lower and lower they came, quivering with music. The night was full of music, and Laura was sure that part of it came from the great, bright stars swinging so low above the prairie."
~ Laura Ingalls Wilder, Little House on the Prairie, Ch. 4 "Prairie Day"







Month Three


Rocky Road

Considering that the Ingalls journeyed by covered wagon almost 2000 miles by the time Laura was 12, there is very little in the terms of rocky roads in the Little House books. But there are muddy wheels, river crossings, and tall grasses.    

"Day after day they traveled in Kansas, and saw nothing but the rippling grass and enormous sky. In a perfect circle the sky curved down to the level land and the wagon was in the circle's exact middle....The wagon kept on jolting, the canvas top snapped in the wind. Two faint wagon wheel tracks kept going away behind the wagon, always the same." ~ Laura Ingalls Wilder, Little House on the Prairie, Ch. 1 "Going West"

"The only noise was the horses' feet clop-clopping and the little creaking sounds of the wagon. One little jolt is nothing at all...but all the little jolts from sunrise to noon, and then all the little jolts from noon to sunset, are tiring." ~ Laura Ingalls Wilder, By the Shores of Silver Lake, Ch. 5 "Railroad Camp"





Month Two


Need fabric? Shown here, Land of Enchantment colorway


Tree of Life

"A wee dark blob between [the Twin Lakes] was the Lone Tree. Pa said it was a big cottonwood, the only tree to be seen between the Big Sioux River and the Jim." - Laura Ingalls Wilder, By The Shores of Silver Lake Ch. 7 "West Begins"

Toward the end of the book, Pa plants little saplings from the Lone Tree near their homestead shanty, one for each of the four girls and Ma. Those cottonwoods are still growing today near De Smet, SD, on the Ingalls' homestead land. This photo shows "Pa's Trees" as they today. 

Photo by Connie Ryle Newman 






Month One 

Need fabric? Shown here, Land of Enchantment colorway


Flying Geese


The weather grew colder and the sky was full of wings and great birds flying.
— Laura Ingalls Wilder, From By the Shores of Silver Lake, Ch. 12 Wings Over Silver Lake

Pa said, "We've got the world to ourselves! I saw only one flock of wilde geese today, flying high and fast. They weren't stopping at any lakes; not they! They were hurrying South."
— Laura Ingalls Wilder, From By the Shores of Silver Lake, Ch. 14 Surveyor’s House



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