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You may remember that I was the winner of the BERNINA Facebook Faceplate Face-off last year. Well, the machines featuring my design are now available at your local BERNINA dealer. If you are in the market for a great mid-level machine, or for perhaps as your travel machine to take to classes, consider getting this limited edition B-350.

Here I am, pictured,seeing the specialty boxes and machine for the first time during my recent BERNINA shop tour.

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It's my birthday gift to you!

It's my birthday and I want to celebrate with all of you!

Regularly priced at $8.50 per yard, all Ricky's Red Rooster Rhapsodie Coloree 1, 2, and 3 Collections fabrics are on sale through the end of March at $6.00 per yard. Full yard increments only - while supplies last. Once it's gone, the celebration is over! These fabrics are available in multi-yard lengths as well as one-yard pieces and make great quilt backs or borders! Orders will be shipped as quickly as possible, however, some delays may occur depending on how much snow we get, how many presents Ricky has to open, how many candles there are on the cake and how busy our warehouse is!

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Bright fabrics for a cold day!

Check out my new collection of hand-dyed fabrics! These are sure to brighten even the dreariest of winter days! And keep an eye out - I have a new quilt using all of these colors coming up in Modern Quilt Magazine later this month!

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I'm a guest on Canadian Quilt Talk

I'm heading to Canada in April! Find out more as you listen to Canadian Quilt Talk - and it's not just for Canadian quilters!

Canadian Quilt Talk is the podcast from quilting to fiber art and everything in between and right now I am making an international splash with my upcoming spring tour hitting four cities in Canada. You’ll hear all about it on Episode # 69 of Canadian Quilt Talk, which airs Jan. 29th at 4PM Pacific Time.  

Canadian Quilt Talk hosts topics that appeal to a worldwide audience with the latest tips, tricks, trends and quilting experts. It’s all free, all the time so listen in while you walk, while you drive or most importantly, while you quilt! To choose from the first 69 episodes featuring dozens of quilting topics and experts, just go to www.brandylynndesigns.com and click on LISTEN NOW CQT.

Host, Brandy Lynn says, "As always, Ricky was such a great interview. He shares the latest on his passion for teaching, quilting and photography, plus he outlines his new series of online workshops."


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Let's Get Together in Delaware!

Hey Everybody! I'm heading to the great state of Delaware in April! Join me and special guest, Alex Anderson, at my Super Quilt Seminar in Newark on April 16-18.

I urge all quilters living within the green zone (see map below) to attend. Alex and I will share information for quilters of all types: Traditional to contemporary, beginning to advanced. The seminar requires no supply list and there is no sewing! How can this be productive? How does a quilter learn in a seminar environment? I guarantee this style of teaching will keep you riveted to the lessons and inspired when you leave! There are only a couple of weeks left to register at the Early Bird price so don't miss out! I look forward to meeting you there!


If you hear about an upcoming seminar coming anywhere remotely close to your area, sign up immediately. There were twenty-five quilters who came all the way from New Brunswick, Canada to Cape Cod to attend. Everyone who attended loved every moment. 

— Jesmith 

Your seminar was well planned, well executed and each segment quite interesting. I went with 4 additional quilters. All of us felt that it was a great experience! Mind you that most of the fabrics, threads, techniques are way outside of the box for me. Yes...I'm the one that shops the reproductions and normally prefers the traditional style of quilting. I think if you can excite me about all the different things you presented...then you're hitting it out of the park. I so enjoyed listening and learning. Thank you for such a fantastic experience. 

— Anne


Newark, DE


April 16-18, 2015 at The University of Delaware, John M. Clayton Hall


SAVE $35! Early Bird Registration deadline: February 13, 2015


Final Registration deadline: April 6, 2015



 Newark is affectionately know as the little hamlet between the creeks. It has become a bustling small city, yet Newark has retained its college town charm and industrial and commercial diversity.


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