Entertaining • Educational • Inspiring

24 Lecture Segments.

11.5 hours of total seminar content.


The Goal

The goal is is to teach a wealth of information, entertain, and inspire quilters. For the host shop, Virtual Quilt Luminarium is designed to be a revenue-generating success for your business.


What Is It?

Quilt Luminarium is an in-depth quilt course that has no comparable counter-part. It is a comprehensive symposium that demystifies seemingly complex concepts, teaches mastery of unique techniques, and helps harnesses the power of the ever-elusive muse of creativity. A diverse range of topics are presented in such a way that quilters of all experience, expertise, and styles will enjoy. 


In-store Quilt Luminarium is a two-day event with a pre-established schedule presented virtually at your shop (or venue of choice). Participants gather together (like we did pre-Covid) but the seminar material is presented virtually!

The best part...each participant retains access to theQuilt Luminarium sessions forever!

The depth, breadth, diversity, and clarity of Virtual Quilt Luminiarum affords the best virtual experience possible.

How it Works

  • Ricky Tims will provide the schedule, curriculum,  and streaming content. Live interactive opportunities are schedule in order for participants to ask questions.

  • Participating stores will be given a list of Quilt Luminarium accessories (sewing implements, etc) that they can acquire in advance and have available for sell during the two-day event.

  • You will be given digital marketing materials to use in your shops or for social media marketing campaigns to promote the event.

  • As Ricky is there "virtually", there are no travel, meals, or lodging expenses—and no teaching/lecture fees. Your expenses are limited to your venue needs and promotional expenses.

Watch this video so see an overview of topics that are presented over the two days.



This page contains a partial list of topics covered.


How Can My Shop Host Virtual Quilt Luminarium?

Request details and information for your shop to participate in an upcoming event by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

These events will be presented to several shops at the same time. The hosting shops for that particular two-day event will all be located within the same time zone so that the timing of the sessions are synchronized. 

Store Requirements

  • Market the event to your clientele. 

  • Direct all interested individuals to Ricky’s teaching site (letsquilttogether.com) where they can register for the event. Each registrant will automatically receive the VIP registration (regularly $269, for only $239) which will give them future access to all seminar sessions, anytime, and as often as they wish…..FOREVER. Each student will also receive, for free, the 130 page color seminar syllabus ($25 value).

  • Ricky Tims’ team will provide you a list of all the registrants from your store so you will know how many participants to expect and be able to confirm their registration at the event.


  • All registrants need is a comfortable chair – so, the venue could be the quilt shop, a conference meeting room, or a community center…really anywhere you can meet the technical requirements.

  • Decide if there will be food offered at the event – if yes, then...Will the shop provide snacks? Lunch? Both? Will everyone bring their own? Are there nearby eateries. A lunch break is scheduled each day. Mid-morning and Mid-afternoon breaks are scheduled as well.

 Technical Requirements

  • A tablet/laptop/computer with reliable WiFi

  • A screen and projector...or monitor(s) large enough for the registrants to view the presentations

  • An audio system (a loud enough speaker for all to hear)


  • The class will take place on two pre-determined days from 8:30AM to 5:30PM - following a very strict schedule so that all participating shops are in sync - (multiple shops within same time zone are participating simultaneously).

  • LIVE Q& A sessions with Ricky via Zoom which will also be included in the schedule and all the venues will benefit simultaneously.

  • The schedule allows for each host shop to introduce and promote store specials, discounts, etc. Time for shopping is vital to your success.




"There are tears of gratitude running down my face as I write to you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You have opened up a new avenue of learning and understanding complex ideas to me." —Michelle Tothill

"Thank you so much for making the Luminarium virtual! I am full from the end of my tippy toes up to the top of my head with all the information!" — 
Dee Dykstra

"Though I was very sad to miss seeing your Luminarium in person, I am in awe of the wonderful job you did in bringing this to us." — Doris Wells

"...you’ve done a marvelous job with the virtual edition. I really appreciate the closeups and all the little tips!" —Wendy Benigno



A list of featured items shared during Quilt Luminarium will be provided so that shops can pre-order and have these on hand to sell. There are many BERNINA accessories included as well as notions and other products. Shops are urged to have a reasonable supply of seminar items - and perhaps even bundle featured items to maximize sales. The sales and marketing of products are yours to organize as you wish. Limited-time discounts are encouraged.

In addition, shops are urged to create their own specials on machines or other significant revenue-generators. 



There is a 130 page, color Quilt Luminarium syllabus. Ricky Tims Inc will ship copies to each shop (in advance) at no additional cost to the shop. The syllabus is a bonus gift for each participant. One copy is to be distributed to each registered participant.


Follow-up Opportunities

Feel free to offer after-event group classes on the subjects covered. It's a great way to keep the excitement going weeks and even months after your in-store Virtual Quilt Luminarium



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