What is Quilt Luminarium?

Quilt Luminarium is a comprehensive seminar-style quilt symposium that demystifies seemingly complex concepts, teaches mastery of unique techniques, and harnesses the ever-elusive muse of creativity. These in-person events are presented over two days with 6 hours of lecture/demo each day. There is no sewing - no machines. The twelve hours of information is supported by a complete color syllabus. Quilt Luminarium covers a diverse set of topics that are applicable to all quilters—new and seasoned, as well as artful and traditional.

So...What is "Virtual" Quilt Luminarium?

Virtual Quilt Luminarium is an online, interactive event. The sessions which are recorded, edited, and assembled from previous LIVE in-person events, may be viewed at one's own schedule. The LIVE Q&A with Ricky is done at set times via Zoom. Virtual Quilt Luminarium is offered to the public a few times each year.


What then is an "In-store" Virtual Quilt Luminarium

On two, pre-determined days, participating stores within the same time zone will host an in-store event that is guided by a strict time schedule. Participants will only need a comfortable chair and perhaps a note-pad and writing implement. The store will need to set up a computer (laptop) with capable WiFi and connect it to a projector and a screen large enough for all to comfortably see. A sufficient audio system that enables participants to hear the presentation is critical.

Time will be allotted for shops to talk about store specials and, if applicable, deals on sewing machines, etc. Each participating store will have been given a list of Quilt Luminarium items that they can acquire in advance and have for sell. Assembling a Quilt Luminarium bundle of important items is recommenced but not required.

At the start, Ricky Tims will visit LIVE via ZOOM, giving an overview and any pertinent details regarding the event. Then, the first session will stream, followed by a stand up break. The schedule of sessions and breaks will continue until the lunch break where Ricky will return LIVE via ZOOM to take questions.The afternoons will follow a similar schedule with sessions, breaks, and shopping time. Each day will end with a LIVE Q&A session via Zoom with Ricky Tims.

There may be two or more shops hosting an event in different states (within the same time zone). The LIVE interaction will be beneficial to all who are watching regardless of the store location.

The goal here is for a shop to host the Virtual Quilt Luminarium event and benefit by having a large group and excited and captivated shoppers.We want to make the In-Store Virtual Quilt Luminarium a revenue-generating success for your business.

Other than the expenses associated with marketing your event, and any expenses associated with any refreshments and/or audio/visual needs, there is no additional cost. No travel, meals, lodging - and not teaching fees. Each registrant will register through Ricky's Quilt Luminarium site (www.letsquilttogether.com). A list of paid registrants will be sent to the shops in order to know who has paid to attend.

Finally, each registrant has the option of choosing a Standard registration - giving them access to the sessions for an additional week. Or, registering as a VIP, giving them access to the streaming video sessions forever.



How Can My Shop Host Virtual Quilt Luminarium?

Request to be included in an upcoming event by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You will receive a complete packet of information to review.

These events will be presented to several shops at the same time. The hosting shops for that particular two-day event will all be located within the same time zone in order that the sessions are synchronized. Ricky starts the first LIVE Zoom session at 8:30AM and everyone attending at all in-store virtual events will join the LIVE interactions. The stores will stream the sessions per the schedule listed.




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