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Cyndi Johnson used my Ricky Tims hand-dyed fabrics to make the Lizzy Albright Sampler Quilt, which gave it a completely different presentation. As the quilt is based on a 1930's quilt, the Lizzy Albright fabrics by Benartex are a little more muted to reflect the style of the times. She is currently getting it quilted as you can see with the picture on the right. We will update here when it is finished! She said she had a lot of fun working with traditional blocks to make the quilt! 

Has anyone else experimented with different fabrics for this quilt? We would love to see your work!  Please feel free to upload them to the Lizzy Albright Fan Page on Facebook. 




#1 Glynne Blaik 2021-01-13 04:06
This looks fantastic in the hand dyed fabrics, can't wait to see it finished. Well done.

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