pagosa springs

We'll the blizzard didn't spoil my plans. Thankfully if fizzled and I didn't get trapped at home.

One of my Christmas presents was a trip to a hot springs but it couldn't be scheduled until this weekend. Pagosa Springs, a beautiful small town located at the base of the famous Wolf Creek Pass in Colorado is home to the largest collection of mineral pools in the world. There is a rich history to the springs and the famous resort, but the new Springs Resort Hotel is a great addition to that history. There's nothing like a soak in the healing waters to soothe the body and mind. However, notice whose half-naked body you do NOT see in the photo! Yes, I prefer to soak at night.

There are a total of 23 pools in various degrees of warmth. This photo shows how the minerals have built up over the years creating beautiful and colorful mineral flows.

Now I'm feeling a bit refreshed and looking forward to a week of creativity. What cool getaway do you recommend?

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