2021 Critique Group

Critique Group Challenge: Delicate
Photo by Helen Albion

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Helen says:

I promise that Jock, the wall and the singlet were all sparkling clean before I started adding textures and filetrs. My idea was to make a contrast that highlighted the delicate cup and saucer (actually bright pink).

2021 Smart Phone Challenge Group

Challenge: Glass
Photo by Bev Schleimer

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Bev says:

This is a picture taken looking down inside the glass. This is a Waterford crystal and I wanted to emphasize the rose with the Star of David


2021 52 Week Challenge Class

Challenge: Happy
Photo by Michele Naugler

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Michele says:

This guy has the best job at my house. He floats around in the pool all day, every day, to check the water temperature. Now that's a happy job to have! I cropped a bit, some spot removal and increased saturation.


Ricky's Challenge Photo:

Challenge: Glass
from the 2021 Smart Phone Challenge Group

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Ricky says:

I've not yet made it home from my proceedure. There was snow. Glass is limited around me, but that's okay. Part of the challenge each week is that it is a challenge. In my building in town there is a commercial kitchen - on the shelf....glasses....stacked. I went for these and the angle made it feel like a cathedral to me - the Prisma effect added some magic.






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