ricky tims and gang
Left to right - Laura Wasilowsky, Marilyn Badger, Ricky Tims, Denise Havlan, and Wendy Butler Burns.

Ricky Tims Pat Holly

Me and Pat Holly - who won her third Best Miniature Quilt award at AQS this year.

Each year at the AQS show, Caryl Bryer Fallert hosts a fabulous dinner party and I always enjoy going because so many of my good friends are there. This year was no exception and many of the attendees are well-known prize-winning quilt artists. Among those assembled were Libby Lehman, Mariya Waters, Hollis Chatelain, Pat Holly, Laura Wasilowsky, Annette Hendricks, Denise Havlan, Wendy Butler Burns, Judy Zoelzer Levine, Marilyn Badger, Claudia Clark Meyers, and more.

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