It seems quilters like fabric, they love to save, and the love to see quilt. I have an overs upply of my own personal hand-dyed fabric and it's time to purge. On top of that, we need to liquidate all of my remaining commercial fabric. So, with all of those things, we've decided to have a sort of garage sale. That means my studio purge is your stash builder. It's happening in La Veta, Colorado so come on down. I'll be there, so be sure to come say hi!



#2 Carol 2016-06-10 05:45
Darn, John and I will just getting back from our cruise to Alaska. I sure hope you will have another studio purge sale again. This sounds like a fun reason to visit La Veta. There is something about your hand dyes that I just love. The quality is amazing.
#1 Karen 2016-06-09 18:05
Awwww..ill be on my way home from Creede those days, darn it...I would love to be in
LaVeta going thru all the lovely scraps....

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