Today was the first day of the Freeman Patterson/Andre Gallant workshop in New Brunswick. Yesterday afternoon I found an opportunity to take some photos. Here's a sample from the pre-workshop afternoon.

Then, our first assignment this morning was to set the tripod in one spot and take as many compositions we could in a 2 hour period. Here's the ones I'm olkay with showing. It was a challenging exercise. I was positioned between two cars.

The two images above are for evaluation at the workshop.
The following photo is what I think to be the best of the day. It's all a reflection on the hood of an automobile.

I was taking a lot of photos - thinking I was doing pretty well. But I discovered differently.... I'm just sayin'...


#4 Joen Wolfrom 2012-10-11 20:09
Hi Ricky,

I love your reflection photo. It's wonderful. Hope you're having fun and learning lots. Enjoy the challenge. Joen
#3 Frank Figueredo 2012-10-09 09:54
The wonder of digital cameras is that one might think one took a bunch of good photos and later you review them and realize some are not so good, and you can deleted them. No fuss no muss!
#2 Carol Moellers 2012-10-08 14:59
As a viewer I like to try to determine what the photographer was trying to say without using words. When I look at your pictures today this is what I see.... The enjoyment of the simple things in life. Focusing on the miracles which happen naturally, but are only there for a short moment, then they are gone. Capturing the beauty which is around us, but if we linger too long, it becomes mondane, orindary, unintersting. Things seem to blur and fade into the distance. We move on, we look for more excitment, we explore the abstract, the unknown. We experiment and try to look at things differently. Looking forward to seeing what your camera captures tomorrow. Thanks for sharing and enjoyed your pictures.
#1 Sharon Kisel 2012-10-08 13:11
I love the pre-session photos - the rocks and the blue house with the slightly curved roof and yellow lawn chairs (I think it would be a great place to live.) The last photo (of the car hood) is also a favorite. Great work!!

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