2021 52 Week Challenge Class

52 Week Challenge Class: Celebration
Photo by Katie Leddon

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Katie says:

I didn't have much opportunity for celebrations. For some reason our City decide there would be no parade, fireworks and such. There was a car show Friday evening in the downtown area, which was fun.

I believe this lady is the deejay's wife, who was trying to get people to dance. I chose this shot over some others that were more expressive so I could play with the editing we learned this week. The girl's face was shadowed, a flag pole in the background and a long shadow on the street background. The edits aren't great, but it was fun playing with it.

2021 Smart Phone Challenge Group

Challenge: In Motion
Photo by Laura Minch

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2021 Critique Group

Challenge: Precarious/Unbalanced
Photo by Jess Thompson

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Jess says:

Upon seeing the title I thought I’d head to Pensacola Beach to get pictures of surfers wiping out. The bad news was that both times I went there this week conditions were poor and there was not one single surfer in the water. The good news is that while driving onto the island I happened to look to the left and saw this challenge course which had many precarious challenges. I took about 100 pictures in the time I was there and this little guy was in the most precarious position.. He has his feet tangled but managed to make it to the next section without incident.

Typical LR edits. Moved to PS to apply Topaz DeNoise AI and Sharpen AI. I’m really beginning to like those products.


Ricky's Challenge Photos:

Challenge: Unstable
from the 2021 Critique Group

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Ricky says:

I found a great deal of peace one looking at a rock cairns. They are always delicate, and naturally precarious. I attempted to build a rather tall one for this particular challenge.



Challenge: In Motion
from the 2021 Smart Phone Challenge Group

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Ricky says:

Celebrating the 4th with smoke bombs. I used the Live feature and selected long exposure to blend the smoke and make it feel more in motion.



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