On Wednesday (October 10th - day three of the Freemand Patterson/André Gallant photography workshop in New Brunswick, Canada) we drove from St Martins to Shamper's Bluff located on the St. John river on the Kingston Peninsula where Freeman lives. His property is over 100 acres and is part of a protected nature conservatory. It was a great place to shoot everything from barns to roots. Many of my photos were taken specifically so I could practice shooting long depth of field where the subjects are far apart, but they are all sharp and in focus. In both of the photos below I could have reached my hand in front of the camera and touched the fern or the flowers. The subjects in the distance are far away.

Freeman's barn is a photographer's dream. My first photo of the barn is a "dreamscape" - meaning it was a double exposure where one exposure was blurred and the other was sharp.

The two photos above are both impressionistic photos created "in-camera" using panning. I purposefully overexposed the first one to create a light, airy effect. Justin says the second one reminded him of a Kincade painting.

Last but not least, we were encouraged to take texture photos that could be layered over other photos in a photo editing program. I found a bed of leafy ground cover and superimposed it over a very simple two-rectangle composition of two waxy leaves. Actually if you look close it's a three-rectangle composition... I'm just sayin'...


#3 Peggy Mislock 2013-01-07 06:05
Ricky, Just saw this [censored]. These are gorgeous shots! I love taking photos for inspiration and frequently work them into my quilts. if you love barns with character….make a trip up here to Pennsylvania. Is especially beautiful in the Winter…think Andrew Wyeth. Look forward to seeing more...
#2 Carol Moellers 2012-10-22 19:13
Ricky, the old barn is fabulous. It looks like it is a workshop of some kind. So well perserved. I can only imagine what the inside looks like with all that beautiful rustic wood. Your photos are wonderful. I like the leafy ground cover shot too. You know, it would make great fabric. :-) So good to see you taking a break and having a wonderful time just for you.
#1 Patricia L Walters 2012-10-21 09:06
I really love the white trees with the white cloud-like area around them! Kudos Ricky! You're getting even better and you started out really good to begin with !

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