The thing about really creative and inspiring workshops (retreats) is that you come home full of excitement but are completely unable to relate the full impact of the event to others. This is the case in trying to tell you about this week-long workshop. Please accept my word that I was inspired, encouraged, and reaffirmed. Regardless of how my photos turned out, my improved creative spirit was worth going and learning from these two amazing men.

On the second day of the workshop André took our half of the group into the nearby Fundy National Park. We stopped at a waterfall, a stand of fading trees, and a bluff overlooking the Bay of Fundy. We were encouraged to carefully compose our shots and try to utilize the techniques we were learning. Here are a few results from my second day of the Freeman Patterson and André Gallant workshop in St. Martins, New Brunswick.

At the falls I composed this simple photo of a twig of turning leaves. The photo with the steps was composed as a wide angle shot leading the viewer to my classmates on the viewing platform.

I was in the process of doing double exposures and I accidently took the photo of the falls flowing onto the deck. It's not a great photo, but the angle of the water and the angle of the deck boards created a really interesting effect, so I decided you might like to see it.

The last photo I'm sharing from this location is an abstraction of the falls.

The final three photos here are shots of trees along the road. There is panning and multiple exposure on the first two.

The last one is a particular favorite because it is only a hint of what it was originally. It has the feeling of trees on a bank reflected into ice or water, but was not the case. I'm just sayin'...


#3 peggyabass 2012-10-30 21:23
#2 diann mize 2012-10-18 09:59
Beautiful, Ricky. I especially like the double exposure...the angle of the water hitting the boards is such a happy accident...and we all know there are no accidents in the universe! Glad you had such a creatively spiritual time.
#1 Deb in Maine 2012-10-18 09:21
Ricky, if you get a chance while you are up that way, try to visit Grand Falls, NB. You will be impressed with the photo opportunities, and the power of the river is amazing. We used to go all the time when we were stationed in northern Maine.

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