Social issues have always been a part of the quilting culture. Quilts supporting war efforts as well as anti-war statements have been created as a way for the artist to speak. Quilts made in support of the temperance movement of the early 1900s were made to express a stance. Artist don't communicate with words, they communicate with imagery which filters in through the eye. Musicians communicate with sounds and emotions that filters in through the ears. I'm an artist more than I am a writer, so for me, music and art are my best vehicles for communication.

I have made quilts that express my personal philosophies. I made a quilt to work though the emotions of 9/11. Yesterday I made a quilt to expressing current social issues on marriage equality. I feel blessed to live in a country where we have the freedom to express ourselves without fear of adverse repercussions,  imprisonment, or death. I mean no disrespect for anyone's choice of opinion, I'm just an artist sharing my work and making my own statement.

Interestingly for me, the simple shapes in the marriage equality logo screamed, "Make me a Modern Quilt!" - and so I did. "Modern Quilts" are a new style of minimalistic quilts.  They tend to have larger open areas of negative space, the pieces are often large, and the quilting creates a dominant, but repetitive texture.

This one is called Red See. It measures 32" x 48".


#4 Carol A Spadea 2013-05-11 14:14
A wonderful example of a modern quilt. LOVE the quilting
#3 Connie R 2013-05-10 10:13
That is one beautiful quilt. I want to make one now.
#2 Pamela Long 2013-05-02 08:28
I love your marriage equality quilt. It's beautiful work of course, but also a beautiful sentiment. Everyone should be able to marry and build a respected life with the person they love.
#1 Kristi Jalics 2013-04-01 21:28
I knew someone would have made a quilt with this logo! It looked like a wonderful quilt block to me too. I do like the result you achieved.

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