Photos of the Week - Week 12


Critique Group Challenge: 

Week 12, Fashion Statement

Photo by Bill Arneson

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Bill says:

A fashion statement for an older person such as myself could be “dressing up”, going against the trend of dressing down, with a suit, tie, and a French cuff shirt. It’s a kind of Godfather look and I went that route. And within that look additional fashion statements can be made, like a watch - Timex to Rolex - or ring(s) or the cuff links used. I went with cuff links as a way of making a statement using the Ukrainian flag.

It was cropped to give just enough of the suit to show the formal look, with the cuff and cuff link as the focal point. I wanted to use this flag design and could only find a pin, so I used that fitted to the size and with a drop shadow in PS. LR editing was primarily exposure adjustments to emphasize the center of the photo, with decreased exposure on the hand and a -20 vignette. I shot several different hand positions and thought this worked best for presenting the cuff and flag.




52-Week Photo Challenge Class
Week 12 - Do Over 

Week 52 Photo Challenge:

Week 12, Do Over

Photo by Shannon Hiebert

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Shannon says: 

Years ago, I realized something that changed my life and helped me with how I make decisions. LOL. I would sometimes spend so much time at the store trying to decide which shoes or hat to buy, or which color to choose. At times it was exhausting because I just didn't want to make the wrong choice! And then I thought, well in some cases, if its do-able (and affordable of course) why not just get both... So once again, this realization helped me decide on which do over to do... How should I narrow this down? Long depth of field, black & white, or mirror image? Well, I managed to try and fit it all into one to something that I'm happy with. I was also able to practice at a lot of things that I wanted more practice on and that I wanted to do better. Also, there were editing adjustments that I just didn't understand before and that I felt too intimidated to try. Such as masking, and linear gradient. So this week I used masking to remove some of the reflection in the window of the trees that I wanted to hide, and also I was able to attempt for the first time linear gradient on the left to tone down some of the reflection on the door. I think, all in all, I will still mostly need more practice with a long depth of field. I still find it tricky to get close-ups in focus as well as what is in the background. I see now that I should have tilted the picture so that the window casing on the right was more straight... Next time...


Smart Phone Photo Challenges
Week 12 - Purple Passion

Smart Phone Challenge:

Week 12, Purple Passion

Photo by Victoria Nelson

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Victoria says:

None of the purple things I found this week were terribly compelling as a subject on their own, so I used the slow shutter app to capture some purple flowers on a bush. Basic edits in the apple photo app, then I used the distressed FX app to apply a filter and overlay. .


Ricky's Challenge Photo


Critique Group Challenge:

Week 12, Fashion Statement

Photo by Ricky Tims
from the 2021 Critique Group

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Ricky says:

Hugo is young, and purposefully distressed jeans are a thing. I'm not sure what the statement is, but... here it is. Metaphorical? Whimsical? Cool? I'll leave it for you to decide. 





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