My flight arrived in Frankfurt yesterday and I was met by Anja Pundt who is hosting me for the quilt festival in Ashaffenburg, Germany this weekend. Anja has a quilt shop in Ashaffenburg. I met all the staff (ask me if I remember all the names) and then Anja took me to check into my hotel and then it was time for lunch. After we were greeted with "closed" signs at a couple of restaurants, we decided comfort food would be just fine. It's times like these when a familiar friend can come in handy - LOL.

Last night I enjoyed dinner at the hotel restaurant, but I almost burned the place down. When I was handed my menu (paper), it got too close to the candle and went up in flames. It sure got attention of everyone there. I know how to make an entrance! Germany, I am here!

Today I'm working on getting over the jet lag, but it sure didn't help that I slept in.


#7 Basit 2012-03-28 07:41
Hello i am from Ghana, west Africa, and will be very glad in seeing you somewhere in Ghana and Africa, some time in the near future;
I really admire you and the kind of remarkable and admirable work that you are doing.
I will also be very pleased to continue the dialogue with you if you dont really mind.
Thank you, and take care..
#6 Peggy Mislock 2012-03-12 20:15
So glad you are having a wonderful time. Traveling in the 'old world' is such a special opportunity and privilege. I'm confident that you will make us Americans look good where every you go. Safe journey and safe return. Hope to attend one of your classes one day.
#5 Joy Frank 2012-02-29 07:45
My daughter lives in Erdmannhausen, Germany (north of Stuttgart) and I have a quilt shop in Backnag that I go to whenever I go for a visit. Looks like I have a new one to try. Will have to look up where Achaffenburg is. Enjoy Prague -- I was there last fall. It is a beautiful, beautiful city. Happy quilting. P.S. I live near Carol Moellers!
#4 Suzie 2012-02-24 03:15
Welcome Ricky!
Hope you're enjoying your stay and having some fun. I'm going by train tomorrow to Aschaffenburg and I'm looking forward to your lecture tomorrow afternoon and the event in the evening, that's so exciting!
See you!
#3 Jessie Vialpando 2012-02-23 20:26
hey Ricky looking @ the food makes me hungry glad your having a wonderful time, and this candle thing yup just wanted to let people know I am here take care..
#2 Sherie Nelson 2012-02-23 19:02
:lol: Only you Ricky,could draw attention without a quilt in site! Have fun.
#1 toi scott 2012-02-23 08:15
Beautiful food! Glad to see you made it safely. Drink lots of water, please. Worried about your kidneys.

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