Here's a video from the first day of demolition. The garage is being totally gutted. Today we begin to suspect problems with the floor. I'm off to Denmark so it will be a while before i can provide any updates. Your ideas and comments about what to include in the new studio have been amazing. Thanks


#2 Kathy Elliott 2011-08-31 15:55
Hey Ricky, Just in case you did not think about how to pay for all these great ideas, one word, SPONSORSHIP! Leave room for a few well placed signs, advertising, product placement, etc.
#1 Henriette 2011-08-28 12:43
Dear Ricky,
Thank you so much for your VERY inspirational lecture on Kool Kaleidoscope you gave in Odense on Saturday. My mum, sister and I all 3 enjoyed your witful and informative stories and tips.
Hope your trip home was good and safe.
With kind regards,
Henriette Gadeberg

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