This fire hydrant taught me a big lesson - it reminded me to Carpe Diem - “Seize the day!” The Latin phrase encourages us to embrace “the here and now” and not “someday”.

For many years this particular fire hydrant sat on a corner — faded and rusted. I would pull up to the stop sign and the morning light reflected the pale colors and patina. I was smitten with the beauty and was inspired to take a photo, but my camera was at home‚ three blocks back. This went on for about five years. Every now and then the light was just perfect, but I didn’t have a camera with me. “Someday,” I thought.

One morning during my drive, my heart sank. The town had painted the hydrant bright red! I forever lost my opportunity to capture the loveliness of the patina and rust that had taken years to create. You get my point — Carpe Diem! Don’t let opportunities slip by. There is no promise of tomorrow.

If a La Veta Quilt Retreat is on that bucket list, now is the time to start making plans to attend in 2018. Quilting is more than just making a quilt. It is a journey filled with ups and downs. With each project there are setbacks and victories. La Veta Quilt Retreats are not only about sewing and creating but a primary focus is on creative self-evaluation and discovery. Come to La Veta and reconnect with yourself!

Announcing 2018 DatesLa Veta Quilt Retreats

February 5-10, 2018 - Independent Study Retreat
April 3-7, 2018 - Rhapsody Retreat
May 21-26, 2018 - Independent Study Retreat
June 11-16, 2018 - Improvisation & Design
September 3-8, 2018 - Independent Study Retreat
November 12-17, 2018 - Independent Study Retreat 



#4 Lorchen 2017-02-16 02:57
And the unexpected knock-on effect of that story: I now see fire hydrants wherever I go.
#3 Primrose Bohne 2017-02-15 23:56
Great story. Ah, the days before smart phones. Some of us remember all too well :lol: :lol:
#2 Denise 2017-02-15 20:13
Can't you take a picture with your smart phone?
#1 Liz W 2017-02-15 19:09
I love your fire hydrant story. I raised my girls with the saying, "Never Miss an Opportunity." Well I was sure surprised when I heard those words thrown back at me when my 20 yr old daughter told me she was going to London, Paris, Rome with her college Fashion Design class. And it turned out to be a great opportunity. Now my girls are repeating the saying to their girls.

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