Photos of the Week - Week 11


Critique Group Challenge: 

Week 11, Zodiac

Photo by Hugo Dos Santos

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Hugo says: 

Pisces, 19 March!

Yes, it is tomorrow.

Well, we are too far away to have fish here in the mountains, and our pond is frozen.

I did not want to use the same fish as Ricky, so I needed to improvise.

I thought I might be able to draw some fish...but...No because I'm not very skilled at drawing.

I was looking for some ideas about photography related to the Zodiac, not the killer, OK?

I saw these pictures with different eyes, and I thought why not just color the eye of the Pisces zodiac and have my colored pencils?

1- Use an app to take the color of the eyes

2- Printed

3-set all the pieces together to create a natural drawing space

4-edited in Lightroom, just some brightening of the lights

5-opened in topaz to give an aspect of cartoons


52-Week Photo Challenge Class
Week 11 - Shutter Zoom


Week 52 Photo Challenge:

Week 11, Shutter Zoom

Photo by Tammy Baumel

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Tammy says:  

I originally shot this outside but I liked the way it looked against the hardwood floors better.


Smart Phone Photo Challenges
Week 11 - Rocks

Smart Phone Challenge:

Week 11, Rocks 

Photo by Robert Berger

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Robert says:

Sunset on New Zealand river rocks

Ricky's Challenge Photos

Smart Phone Challenge:

Week 11, Rocks

Photo by Ricky Tims

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Ricky says:





Critique Group Challenge:

Week 11, Zodiac

Photo by Ricky Tims
from the 2022 Critique Group

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Ricky says:

I'm Pisces. And chose to do that. I only had one lure so I took two shots - and a shot of the distress wood in one of the rooms of the house - so there are three layers here to create the image. I enjoy seeing the possibilities in Topaz Studio 2, but rarely use full strength, and also tend to erase and blend one back in Photoshop.


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