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Challenge: Shimmering
photo by Claudia Schumacher

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Claudia says:

I captured the lighted tree in our local park. Then later, as we walked on the beach and I saw the Gulf shimmering and captured a sunstar. With much experimentation I combined the photos using each one as the bottom layer but was not completely happy with the results so I wondered if I could embed the sunstar photo and then erase the sky from the picture and maintain the shimmer of the tree. So I did and it worked. The sunstar is visible and the shimmer of the Gulf is as well but I also have the magic of the night.



Photo Challenge Class

Challenge: Celestial Celebration 
photo by Rhonda Schmelzer

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Rhonda says:

This morning's sunrise was the best Celestial Celebration I could think of. I reviewed the week on Panorama because I wanted to shot the whole sky and needed a refresher. I edited in LR then PS and reduced the size.

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