My week in New Brunswick (see previous posts) progressed and eventually we were each given an individual assignment. The goal was to take a theme and produce 20 images based on that theme. Among the themes were, softly, solitude, heavy metal, and unmade bed as a landscape. My assignment was "on the verge of chaos."

It was near dinnertime and dark when the assignments were passed out and I was a bit unsure of how to proceed. After dinner I went to bed thinking about my project. About 3:30am I woke up and started thinking of just what would I shoot to create 20 images of "on the verge of chaos." I had been dreaming and suddenly realized just how dreams easily jump from one seemingly unrelated thing to the next. When I realized that dreams were chaotic I decided I would pursue my assignment as if it were all in a dream - a dream of my visit to St. Martins. I was wide awake by 3:45 and thought no better time than now to get started. 

My first image is a single exposure, taken with a time delay. It starts the sequence as if I am dreaming. I then proceed into the hallway where I'm dreaming of going out for the day to shoot photos. I set my criteria so that each image would look as if it was from a dream. I also decided that any "special effects" would be shot "in-camera" not created later in Photoshop. By the time breakfast came I already had 4 of my 20 images and the next 5 hours would be a rush to get them all done. Worse still - it started raining.

I drove out to a country road but it was raining too hard to get out of the car. To my surprise, an additional five images or so were take from inside the car - looking out through the glass or an open window. Suddenly I was back on day one - taking photos stuck in one place. I learned the best place to take photos are where you are right now. Being stuck in the car reminded me just how true that was.

I won't post all 20 of the photos, but here are a few of my favorites from the assignment.

Below is my favorite image from the week. It's taken through a wet windshield, looking down a county road. It is a double exposure. I like it just because it is so mysterious. I hope you like it too.


#5 peggyabass 2012-10-30 21:20
ricky i truly enjoyed your chaos pics and the mysterious shot was really good...
#4 Patricia L Walters 2012-10-26 15:56
As always, you take great pictures. The mysterious one reminds me of a dream- scape just before I awoke and wondered where I had been. Wow! wonderful image, Ricky.4va9h
#3 Kate C 2012-10-25 15:39
I can see why you love the last one- it is dark and mysterious. I love the second on the left- to me, it really is on the verge of chaos, as if the world is about to start spinning around you and you won't know which way is up or which way is down. Wonderful photos.
#2 Sharon Kisel 2012-10-25 09:18
Great pics!! I love the last one. (Reminds me of Lord of the Rings environs or upcoming Hobbit.)
#1 Sandy Leopper 2012-10-25 08:49
:-) Ricky, These are fantastic.Unmad e bed looks like out of magazine. Looking through a tunnel reminds me of road picture. Last one looks like Thomas K. picture. Beautiful. Great Pictures.

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