2021 Smart Phone Group

Smart Phone Group: Critters
Photo by Jackie Anderson

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Jackie says:

Canadian Geese are such a wonder and I was able to capture their beauty at a nearby pond where mothers were teaching their goslings about life and what comes next.




2021 52 Week Challenge Group

Challenge: Radial Symmetry
Photo by Corrie DeCamp

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Corrie says:

I almost went with a beautiful rose with radial symmetry, but this more "artistic" image just kept calling me back. I was working with shutter zoom and between the wind and the technique, I really like how your eye travels around this naturally lime green Everillo Carex plant. LR edits, spot removal, square crop.



2021 Critique Group

Challenge: Night Lights
Photo by Bill Arneson

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 Bill says:

Gas stations like this have a bright, colorful aesthetic and are apparently inviting. But late at night with no customers or with customers one would rather not be alone with, these oases of light enveloped in darkness can also project isolation, loneliness and in some cases foreboding. I took this photo from a distance to try to give some sense of that feeling. Editing was primarily decreased exposure around the pumps and removal of some extraneous lights on the sides from other sources in PS



Ricky's Challenge Photos:

Challenge: Critters
from the 2021 Smart Phone Group

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Ricky says:

I was determined not to submit my pups - but I had far more photos of them than the bees - which were just about the only other critter I came face to face with this week. The Cailforina poppies have been a joy and hundreds of bees seem to think the same.





Challenge: Night Lights
from the 2021 Critique Group

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Ricky says:

This is my little oasis - or rather jungle. I used a high f-stop for the starbursts and full 30seconds exposure.




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