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Sole Provider by Ricky Tims  

I remember the day. It was at the AQS Show in Paducah and I had migrated over to the shopping mall where vendors lined the interior halls. I stumbled on a booth selling batik with all sorts of painted designs and I fell in love with these masks. If you are a quilter, you know you don’t need a reason to buy it if you love it. I just wanted to have it - so I bought it.
Time went by and many times I would take out the batik mask and study it, touch it, enjoy it. I kept thinking to myself there must be a way to use this. I was exploring and growing with my improvisational style of patchwork…aka Quilting Caveman Style. I decided to just start with the face and build around it. I had no clue where I was going or how it would turn out. In the end, I loved what transpired. 
The title is a play on words. It’s not Sole Provider, but rather Soul Provider, as if this is some sort of an ancient god or goddess that bestows life and inspiration. Viewers are welcome to make their own interpretations.



Choose your own difficulty. Click the 9-patch grid to change number of pieces. Click the circle arrow to make the puzzle pieces rotating instead of stable orientation. Also, there are tips under the "?" on the upper right of the puzzle. If you'd like a full screen version, click the button below. Have fun!


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