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 Critique Group Challenge from week 46

Critique Group Challenge: 

Week 46, Guilty Pleasure

Photo by Dennis Mullen

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Dennis says:

I've always had a weakness for symmetry. And for dark chocolate syrup made with a little honey, a little butter and buttermilk, some cinnamon, vanilla, smoked paprika, baking chocolate, semi-sweet baking chocolate and some dark cocoa powder. While it's fabulous spooned straight out of the saucepan, it's practically guilt-free served on top of vegan, dairy-free plant-based vanilla dessert stuff that neutralizes calories and catalyzes chloresterol into vitamin E.


52-Week Photo Challenge Class
Week 46 - Step and Repeat

Week 52 Photo Challenge:

Week 46, Step and Repeat

Photo by David Robinson

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David  says:

This originally is a picture of sunset on the Maine coast.


Smart Phone Photo Challenges
Week 46 - Box

Smart Phone Challenge:

Week 46, Box

Photo by Alberta MacAulay 

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Alberta says:

You are never too old to try something new. I am a senior who started boxing with these pink beauties. Go for it!

Ricky's Challenge Photos

Smart Phone Challenge:

Week 46, Box

Photo by Ricky Tims

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Ricky says:

Today while cleaning my studio (laugh as much as you like), I excavated these tiny little handmade boxes that were gifted to me a few years ago. They feature images of my little tuilips (Chantelle's) that I've taught many times in quilt classes. The largest box is only 2" and the other two nest inside. Edited in Prisma app with Paris


Critique Group Challenge:

Week 46, Guilty Pleasures

Photo by Ricky Tims
from the 2021 Critique Group

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Ricky says:

I'm a glutton for pottery. I won't take time to list my other obsessions. This is my cupboard - one small section. I opted to attempt shooting the curves and feature the shapes. The figures on the pitcher in the back seemed to dominate but they are 'back there'. This went into topaz for a very slight color boost - then a typical dreamscape with the origitnal - and that was even pulled back. So the edits are subtle.


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