G'day Mates!

I have arrived in Perth Australia for the first stop on this 18 day teaching tour. The long flight was made easier because it was first class.  No, I didn't have a first class seat but Quantas airlines is totally first class all the way.

Being jet lagged didn't stop us from seeing the city! The trees in King's Park were amazing as were the views of Perth and the Swan River. We are staying outside of Perth at a golf resort where the kangaroos are so abundant they are hard to distinguish from the golfers! I'm just saying'....

King' Park trees!

Let's DanceGrandpa Roo


#4 Rhonda Burnett 2012-09-14 19:49
I used to live in the West and yes it is a long way from everywhere but I did love it. I didn't realize you were doing a whole tour otherwise I wold have gone to Brisbane but hey I am looking forward to Adelaide also it is a beautiful city. My husbands family come from there. i hope you get to enjoy the beautiful country we have as well as teaching. just remember if you see a Koala not to call it a bear, you have those not us hehehe
#3 Jean Muller 2012-09-14 15:16
Awwww .... Great Pics! I want one! Bring back a little joey! A friend for Miguel. LOL Have fun on the other side of the world.
#2 Stacy Edwards 2012-09-14 05:29
Welcome to our fair city. We have requested perfect weather for you!!!! Thankyou for spending some time with us - as we are one of the most isolated cities in the world we sometimes get overlooked. Can't wait for the seminar and concert over the weekend. I'm the red head in the second row.....can't wait
#1 Therese May 2012-09-14 05:29
Where else are you going to be????

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