Photos of the Week - Week 9


Critique Group Challenge: 

Week 9, True Colors

Photo by Roz Rossiter

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Roz says:

I have spent so much time thinking about this week’s image, True Colours is a favourite song and I am a fan of Cyndi Lauper and in normal times I would have had lots of wacky ideas. But this is the idea I kept returning to, a one-woman tribute to the people of Ukraine especially the women and the creatives.

I apologise if this is considered a political statement.


52-Week Photo Challenge Class
Week 9 - Square Crop


Week 52 Photo Challenge:

Week 9, Square Crop 

Photo by Carol Freda

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Carol says:

A feather I picked up on a walk last fall. Placed on a white background with lighting from a lamp spotlight. After LR adjustments in Basic, Gradient Mask on the corners to bring out the blue tone (it was a muddier brown/blue color).


Smart Phone Photo Challenges
Week 9 - Glass

Smart Phone Challenge:

Week 9, Glass

Photo by Linda Rowberry

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Linda says:

I like playing with water, glasses and funky backgrounds. I had a little trouble trying to shoot this with my iPhone. I had to watch where I positioned the camera or I would distort the top of the glasses!For the most part I think it turned out pretty good. After doing some cropping I applied a Toon filter from the BeCasso app.


Ricky's Challenge Photos

Smart Phone Challenge:

Week 9, Glass

Photo by Ricky Tims

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Ricky says:

This is a piece of art glass that lives on a shelf in my dining room. I really like the colors and the pattern and then the opening at the top really made a big impact. So I like this for this weeks challenge… Glass


Critique Group Challenge:

Week 9, True Colours

Photo by Ricky Tims
from the 2021 Critique Group

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Ricky says:

For 25 years I have worked with multicolored hand dyed fabrics. They have been a major part of my artistic identity and a primary income generator. Covid took that away. But dyeing is back on a limited basis so I opted to celebrate that fact with this photo. The manipulation is a mirror montage.




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