Photos of the Week - Week 32


Critique Group Challenge: 

Week 32, Ansel Adams

Photo by Betty Gott

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Betty says: 

This little tree is located in a field close to my house. Something about it continues to entice me each season. In the spring it's surrounded by long green grasses, but they die quickly when the weather warms. Then the field gets mowed to help prevent fires.

Ansel Adams took many photos of trees and I thought it befitting to use lone tree.


52-Week Photo Challenge Class
Week 32- Silhouette


Week 52 Photo Challenge:

Week 32, Silhouette

Photo by Henry Johnson

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Henry  says:  



Smart Phone Photo Challenges
Week 32 - Leading Line

Smart Phone Challenge:

Week 32, Leading Line

Photo by David Followill

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David says: 

Was in Knoxville on the way to DC when we happened upon this alley and mural. The color contrast between the mural and dark alley were great. Then on the ground is a line of stones leading towards the sunlight.



Ricky's Challenge Photos

Smart Phone Challenge:

Week 32, Leading Line

Photo by Ricky Tims

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Ricky says:

In Indianapolis we were able to visit the Eidlejorg Museum - Native American paintings and art by Native American artists. It was grand. Here, I tilted the camera to emphaize the main leading line of the platform - but also the other supporting lines taking us through the opening.




Critique Group Challenge:

Week 32, Ansel Adams

Photo by Ricky Tims
from the 2023 Critique Group

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Ricky says:

One of the fun images I saw by Ansel Adams in San Francisco was of barn wood - close up - not abstract, but not as far back as my shot here. So instead of a grand landscape, I attempted to edit this with a high contrast and rather 'sharp' vibe. There is a bit of humor here if you can find it.


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