Photo - Justin flirts with one of the town deer.

Three days ago, during the wee hours of the night, eight of our tame town deer were senselessly shot and killed. The poacher did not attempt to take them, they were simply left to rot. They were not shot for food or sustenance. The tally included one buck, five doe, and two fawns. 

I realize that deer can be a problem and nuisance, but I believe we must find ways to live in harmony with nature. The deer were here first. One of the joys of living in La Veta is seeing the deer in town. It's like the scene in the opening of the show "Northern Exposure" where the moose is sauntering through town.

Our town deer bed down and look like fake yard ornaments - only these are the real deal. The deer that were shot would not know to run from humans. I could go on, but there is no need. I just felt obligated to pay tribute to them on my blog.

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