Photos of the Week - Week 17


Critique Group Challenge: 

Week 17, Two-Word Rhyme

Photo by  Zee McLeod

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Zee says: 

Insane Rain! Slow Snow! CLR sliders


52-Week Photo Challenge Class
Week 17 - Dreamscape


Week 52 Photo Challenge:

Week 17, Dreamscape

Photo by Dorothea Schneider

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Dorothea  says:  


Smart Phone Photo Challenges
Week 17 - Cracked


Smart Phone Challenge:

Week 17, Cracked

Photo by Marcia Shipman

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2024 AI Image Club


 2024 AI Image Club:

Week 17, Prehistoric

Photo by Diane McCormack

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Diane says:

This was created by Bing AI with the verbal prompt-primitive, couple tired and weary, traveling with spears and animal furs. The woman is very pregnant panoramic view, vivid colors, highly detailed death of field snow, covered background, studio studio lighting, then edited it to bring the colors down to look more cold and dreary. In all the photos generated for some reason when I put pregnant -they had to show the belly without covering. I also thought it was interesting that they made her barefoot and pregnant. Not sure if they had feathered arrows in Ice Age and. It looks like a traveling bag made out of deer skin nearby.

















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