Our fantastic hostess Michelle Pearson with Handcrafters House here in Perth took us for some sightseeing. One of the destinations was to the Caversham Wildlife Park. I have to say I never thought quilting would lead me to petting a wombat. I'm just sayin'...

Day 2 Caversham

Kaola and guys

Justin and I are making new friends in Western Australia.
Wombatkissing friends
Actually I'm making VERY good friends in Western Australia!!

peacock koalas


#1 Carol Moellers 2012-09-16 06:47
Wonderful pictures Ricky and Justin!!!! The animals are so precious. What would this world be like if we did not have them? Pretty boaring, I think. Have a great time and look forward to seeing more of your adventures!!! Thanks for sharing. :-)

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