The Legacy Quilt 

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In 2015, the theater company in our little village of La Veta, Colorado decided to put on a production of The Quilters, a musical that depicted the lives of several pioneer women and the vignettes, or small stories, were inspired by traditional quilt blocks. Blocks are used in the play, and at the end, the finished Legacy quilt is revealed on stage. Our stage is somewhat small, so the quilt had to be created horizontally. I designed the quilt using the blocks listed in the play and members of the Colorado Quilt Council (our state guild) made two of each of the blocks. One for the stage - and one for the quilt. 

Cyndi McChesney quilted this quilt which was raffled off and the proceeds went to the our theater company. It was a fun project and the play was well attended in our community. 

Did you know? I have the pattens for these blocks on my website - free to all. CHECK IT OUT. One of my high school cohorts, Connie Ryle Newman, is deeply involved with the Laura Ingalls Wilder Legacy and Research association. She provided commentary and snippets from Wilder’s writings to compliment this project. You’ll find those on the Legacy Quilt Club page too.



Choose your own difficulty. Click the 9-patch grid to change number of pieces. Click the circle arrow to make the puzzle pieces rotating instead of stable orientation. Also, there are tips under the "?" on the upper right of the puzzle. If you'd like a full screen version, click the button below. Have fun!

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