Smart Phone Photo Challenge - Week 35 

Smart Phone Photo Challenges
Week 35 : Song Title

Photo by Marleen Hoffman

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Marleen says:

What a week. Been super busy with everything except photoing. Guess time flies while you busy doing stuff. Took some photos on my iPhone today and dedicated the time to play. Ended up using the PIP camera app. Minor adjustments and edits in photos and ready to submit for this weeks homework. Hope you found some time to play & recharge your batteries. Did you guess it? Time in a Bottle!

52-Week Photo Critique Group
Week 35 - Movie Title

Critique Group Challenge: 

Week 35, Movie Title

Photo by Michael Novak

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Michael says:

Taken about 30 minutes before dawn--fyi. That info has nothing to do with the movie title. Basic Lr adjustments.

Did you guess it?

On the Waterfront


52-Week Photo Challenge Class: Week 35, White on White

Photo Challenge Class:

Week 35, White on White

Photo by Olivia Edwards

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Olivia says:

Sunday was laundry day so I was consumed with taking pictures of piles of sheets and other things. Later, when I opened the dryer door, I was mesmerized. I pulled up a chair and took lots of photos of the dry sheets tumbled together in the dryer. Using LR I got rid of the dryer light's yellow effect and whitened some of the shadows. I felt as if the sheets were swirling under water. Loved finding them!

Ricky's Challenge Photos


Critique Group Challenge:

Week 35, Movie Title

Photo by Ricky Tims
from the 2021 Critique Group

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Ricky  says:

This will be easy peasy, but if you knew how much I'm hoping to just get a single reasonable ripe one - this was sacrificed for the cause.

Did you guess it? Fried Green Tomatoes.


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