We had a great day finishing up the seminar in Socorro, NM. Whoo-hoos to our new quilting friends. It was Justin's birthday and there was even cake in the lobby to share with everyone. Justin turned 48. Here's a photo of Justin - he's the one on the left.

Many of you know of Roswell, NM. It's famous for a UFO incident in 1947. However, Socorro, NM also has it's own UFO incident that received national media attention. Lonnie Zamora was a police officer who reported the incident. You can learn about it here. 

Driving down the main drag in Socorro I saw several little green men. So I'm a believer. I stopped to have a chat and as you can see, I learned this one's name is Miguel. Miguel seemed unappreciated living at the pottery store, so I asked him to come to La Veta and live. So far he seems happy with that decision.

Miguel shared the stage of the seminar on the last afternoon. Here is a photo of a very rare sighting. Have you ever seen a little green man and a quilt in the same photo? I'm just sayin'...


#2 Mary Kauffman 2012-08-27 20:52
The Socorro seminar was absolutley wonderful - thank you so much to all your team for making it possible - I feel I learned so much and plan to put some of it to use in my sewing room tomorrow.
The concert was so moving and uplifting. Thanks Justin for sharing your birthday with us!
Hope Miquel likes his new home!
#1 Gail Bennett 2012-08-27 15:06
I was at the seminar in Socorro, and give it a huge "Whoo-Hoo"!! We had a real good time and I can't wait to get to the sewing room and try some of the things I learned.
As for the little green men, Now, I do have to say that, I'm from Roswell, NM, and we really have a handle on the alien thing. You should come visit us sometime. I'm sure Miguel is happy in the Mountains in La Veta. The Colorado mountains are really beautiful. Thanks to you and Justin and the reat of your staff for two wonderful days.

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