Connie Fanders is the Director of Education and Training for BERNINA of America where she leads a team of talented educators to develop trainings on BERNINA products, inspirational projects sewn on a BERNINA and test products that are in development.

Connie took the 52-Week Photo Challenge in 2016 and decided to repeat it in 2018. Here is a short interview about her experience. 


Challenge: Flowers/Macro, by Connie Fanders

R: What prompted you to sign up for the photo challenge class?
C: I’m a very beginner at taking photos plus I knew nothing about Lightroom and Photoshop. This was an un-intimidating and motivational way to learn and work within my schedule. It also provides a new way to be creative and a diversion from my work routine.

R: You submitted photos almost every week. As a very busy executive for BERNINA, how did you manage juggling your job with a fun/learning experience?
C:This was definitely a weekend project. Every Saturday morning I would look at the challenge and by Sunday night it would need to be ready to post. Many times I didn’t want to go far from home to take the photo so I had to get creative with what was in my house or in the yard.

R: What was the most difficult part of the class?
C: Finding the time to give a lot of thought to the challenge and plan the photo. I loved reading the new challenge each week and would start to think of the possibilities but then time wouldn’t allow me to search for the right shot.

R: Is there any particular challenge that stood out to you - memorable?
C: Drive pans. I had no success with this technique and really struggle to decide what is a good photo.

R: Was there any take-away from the experience that stays with you today?
C: Take a step back and look at your surroundings, photo opportunities are all over the place. The photos you take become a diary of where you have been, what you have done and who you enjoy.

R: Once didn’t seem to be enough so you signed up again to retake the course in 2018. Tell me why?
C: The first time it took the course everything was so new to me. Since I had to limit my time to the weekends for this project I would have one opportunity to take the challenge photo each week. After I took a series of photos I would go to Lightroom to fine tune the image and wish I would have taken it at a different angle, different setting etc but I didn’t have time to go back and re-shoot. Many weeks I felt I wanted to do it over.

The second time I took the course I had the first experience behind me and could more thoughtfully plan the photo and knew more of how to adjust the camera setting. Every challenge lesson I feel I understand more about the process.

R: What advice might you share for anyone considering participating in the next 52-Week Photo Challenges?
C: Do it!


Challenge: Decay, by Connie Fanders


Challenge: Forks, by Connie Fanders


Challenge: White on White, by Connie Fanders

Enrollment for 2019 Photo Challenge Class is open now.


70% off Deadline is December 2, 2018

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Challenge: Panorama, by Connie Fanders

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