We are having a great time at the La Veta Quilt Retreat and have reached the half-way mark. Each student finished this sentence.
"So far this week I have learned...?"

...that two boxes of Kleenex are better than one and you can learn a lot by listening. - Marion

...that an opinion is an opinion  - it's not right or wrong. - Jo

...that I have been exposed to an open, relaxing, creative atmosphere - and did I mention supportive? - Carolyn

...a great way to do blanket stitch around corners and curves! - Jill

...not to worry about how long something takes but to enjoy the process. - Myrna

...how to join fabrics in a wavy line and that I like my groove and am happy to be in it. - Karen

...to start a quilt "just putting it up there' - "Inspiration comes by doing!" - Wynn

...that while creativity is a process that can be complex, Ricky will show me the way, and my heart will guide me over the rocky parts. - Sharon

...to get rid of my fears - my inadequacy - and lack of knowledge. - Wendy

What have you learned - even if you weren't at the retreat?


#3 Frank Figueredo 2012-11-18 10:38
Challenge yourself to do a project that seems to advanced for you. You will make mistakes, but that is part of the learning process. When you finish the project your knowledge will have increased and you will feel good about the accomplishment.
#2 Lois Bruno 2012-11-16 05:10
I learned that if I make myself cut into and use fabric that has been sitting on the shelf because it had been just too awesomely beautiful to blemish with a scissors my skills in using it increase exponentially.
#1 Carol Moellers 2012-11-15 17:14
... you can meet some of the nicest people over a little chocolate brownie. :roll: And... creativity is contagious no matter how many miles there are between. Your projects are fabulous and thanks so much for sharing.

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