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I'm told that if you have one day to do something in Cleveland that it should be a visit to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. We'll I had one day to kill and that's exactly what Justin and I did. 

I was not a rocker so I have limited memories and associations with many of the artists there, but I did enjoy the Elvis, Beatles, and Michael Jackson exhibits. There is so much to see that if you are really into the history of pop/rock music as we know it today - this IS the place to go.

I enjoyed seeing the performers outfits because it gave a sense of their size and build - something you can't ascertain from TV. I also enjoyed the video clips of irate preachers and hyped-up DJs from the 60's and 70's ranting about the "music of Satan" and breaking records left and right. I had forgotten about that chapter. It brought to mind a "youth evangelist" that I heard when I was about 13 years old who, red-faced, screaming, and determined to bring rock and roll to a halt, condemned music that is commonly consider classic rock today. Remember all the "evil messages" that you could get from backmasking?

What's your favorite song from back in the day? - or who is/was your favorite pop/rock artist?

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