May 2020 Scrap Bags have a special fabric swatch.

Pile of scraps have been bagged and are ready for you. Anyone who purchases a May 2020 scrap bag will receive inside the bag a "challenge swatch". This over-dyed print MUST be used (visibly, noticeably) in your challenge quilt. It's only a small swatch, and you don't have to use it all.


1. Purchase a May 2020 Scrap Bag which contains the challenge swatch. (Only 90 bags available)

2. Quilt size limitations. No smaller than 24" on any side, no larger than 60" on any side.

3. Quilts must be made entirely from Ricky Tims Scrap Bag fabric with the exception. Solid commercial black, pure white, or a black and white stripe may be used.

4. Quilts must visibly contain fabric from the challenge swatch, whether or not it is featured, or disguised.

5. Your scrap bag purchase is your 'entry fee'. All people purchasing a May 2020 Scrap Bag will be in the database for notifications about the challenge. HOWEVER: You are not required to make a quilt for the challenge.

6. No limit on Scrap Bags. 

7. Entry deadline is September 7, 2020. Additional information about submitting entries will be sent to everyone via email who purchased a May 2020 Scrap Bag. Purchasers are NOT required to enter, but all are eligible.

8. Pieced quilts, appliqué quilts, or quilts with a combination of both are acceptable.

9. Embellishments should be limited to fibers only (threads, yarns, etc).

10. Quilts must be three layers, front, batting, backing.

11. No surface alteration to the fabric is allowed. (No painting, stamping, foiling, dying, or inking, etc.)

12. Quilts must have appropriate finished edges. Binding, facing, or other.

13. Quilts much be quilted, by hand or machine, using any machine or method of quilting.

14. Originality is encouraged but all designs, from traditional to contemporary, modern, improv, and artful, are welcome.

15. Quilts must be entirely made by one person.



$250 Cash
Plus a 40 Yard Bundle of
Ricky Tims Hand-dyed Fabric
and feature on future episode
2nd PRIZE - $400 VALUE
$150 Cash
Plus a 20 Yard Bundle of
Ricky Tims Hand-dyed Fabric
and feature on future episode

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