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My dad, as many of you know, also quilts. He goes out to the dog house (the little room attached to the house I used to use as a kennel for my cocker spaniels) and sews every day. Dad enjoys using my hand-dyed fabrics because he doesn't have to worry about accidentally getting the fabrics flipped when stitching - because there is no right or wrong side. His design wall is big enough for half of his quilt - so it works in two parts and they are almost all king size. If dad is not quilting, he's watching John Wayne movies.

Recently my great niece (7 yrs) had a school assignment to write about someone she respects. Since she gets to see my mom and dad several times a week, she chose to write about my dad, her Papaw, her great-grandfather. After she proudly announced she had chosen Papaw for her subject, she assured the family that she didn't mention anything about the Civil War. We're so relieved. Kids!


#1 elizabeth 2012-02-29 17:27
I think it's great to see men doing crafts. They should be taught to bring out their creative side. After men retire or when their partner passes away, it would be very helpful for them to have their craft to fall back on. My crafts were my lifeline in the past and I really enjoy all different ones. Thanks for sharing the photo of you Dad. God bless him.

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