Quilt Luminarium is a two-day comprehensive quilt symposium that demystifies seemingly complex concepts, teaches mastery of unique techniques, and harnesses the power of the ever-elusive muse of creativity. It covers a wide range of topics including innovative piecing, appliqué, quilting, and finishing techniques. Sessions also include design and composition and color theory. 

Quilt Luminarium presenter, Ricky Tims, is a longtime entertainer, encourager, comedian, and motivational speaker. He has a unique and pragmatic way to help one realize their full creative potential. He unmasks the creative psyche and reveals common attributes (both good and bad) that creative individuals share. Quilters will learn how to take traditional patterns and make them unique and how a pattern can be adapted to reflect any quilting genre.

  • There is no sewing, no supply list. Quilters won’t be going home with a UFO (Unfinished Object). Everyone attends all sessions.
  • Quilt Luminarium is truly for all quilters from beginner to advanced, from traditional to contemporary, and from modern to art.
  • Each registrant receives full-color syllabus containing all of the information presented!



#2 Glenda M 2017-12-06 10:58
Whew! I just attended my first Luminarium with Ricky and my head is still twirling with ideas. He packs so much into the 2 days, you had better take good notes. He dispels old myths about quilting, gives you great ideas and permission to do your own thing. It's so liberating, I came home and restarted a quilt top of all triangles. It may be a mess by the time I get through, but it will be my mess.
If you have a chance to go to one of his Quilt Luminariums, you will not be bored. He keeps in mind that the the "mind can only absorb as much as the butt can endure". So plenty of breaks in which to look & touch some of his work. Genius!
#1 Nancy Davis 2017-03-28 13:21
What a great gift from heaven this would be to spend my 42nd anniversary without my best friend/husband.

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