Hey everyone. I've been in a bit of Internet limbo over the past few days but wanted to catch you up on my travels while I have the chance.

Since my last post I enjoyed a great visit to Brisbane and the Queensland Quilters. Kim Boland was our hostess and it was great fun to see her again since she had organized the Brisbane portion from my previous tour to Oz in 2005. 

The first day was spent seeing sights and shopping. Sunday and Monday were master class days. A big Whoo-hoo shout out to all who attended and another Whoo-hoo for the thunder that accompanied my lectures on Monday!

Tuesday Kim drove Justin and I to Bribie Island and then up into the mountains where we took a stroll through the rain forest. I was surprised to see how high we were and really enjoyed hearing the kookaburra.

I've arrived in Adelaide and yesterday my good quilting friend and Adelaide resident, Pam Holland, treated us to some local sights followed by a fantastic Thai food dinner.

I wonder if I'll be talking like an Aussie when I get home next week... I'm just sayin'...




Glasshouse Mtns



#3 Aussie Jane 2012-10-03 00:20
Thanks Ricky for a great Master Class on the Sunday. I am so inspired now and I no longer feel guilty about the mess my studio is in....That's a load off :-) Also just love my piece of your hand dyed fabric. All the best to you & Justin and thanks for travelling to The Land Downunder :-)
#2 Carol Moellers 2012-09-27 13:36
Those sandals sure are world travelers. That Superior MonoPoly thread is amazing stuff. ;-) And it looks like Justin needs a pair of sandals. Nice legs BTW. :roll: Love that tree!!! What kind is it?
#1 CandysHomePatch 2012-09-26 22:35
Welcome back to Adelaide, we are turning on the weather. Looking forward to Friday & Saturday.

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