Photos of the Week - Week 9


Critique Group Challenge: 

Week 9, Mellow Yellow

Photo by Andre Gallant

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Andre says: 

I woke up this morning to three disgruntled chickens glaring at me. They were upset because I opted to photograph 3 ducks for last week's topic (3) instead of them. I felt I had to make things right so I photographed them for this week's topic "Mellow Yellow". Luckily, they graciously forgave me for my faux pas. By the way, it's a tad amusing/sad when you find yourself purchasing attire for rubber chickens!


52-Week Photo Challenge Class
Week 9 - Square Crop


Week 52 Photo Challenge:

Week 9, Square Crop

Photo by Sarah Entsminger

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Sarah says:  


Smart Phone Photo Challenges
Week 9 - Stuck in Place


Smart Phone Challenge:

Week 9, Stuck in Place

Photo by Kathleen Madden

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Kathleen says:

I decided to sit on my patio and take photos that were around me. This is a fountain that I purchased last year that is from Thailand so some of the lines that go vertically are water. I used the distressed FX app.

2024 AI Image Club


 2024 AI Image Club:

Week 9, Zodiac

Photo by Lauri Miller

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Lauri says:

Per the Britannica entry for Aquarius: Its representation as a man pouring a stream of water out of a jug came about, it has been suggested, because in ancient times the rising of Aquarius coincided in the Middle East with a period of floods and rain. I wasn’t aware of this connection so I decided to see where focusing on this information might lead.
I started by asking ChatGPT 3.5 to create a Midjourney prompt from “Aquarius astrology sign represented in ancient times with the rising of Aquarius in the Middle East coinciding with floods and rain”. Of the multiple prompts this generator creates, I chose to use “a digital illustration depicting Aquarius in ancient Mesopotamia, influenced by Alphonse Mucha's art, with intricate patterns and rich colors, showing Aquarius pouring celestial water, bathed in golden hues, against a starry backdrop, with ethereal lighting evoking mystery--v 5 --stylize 1000”. I usually have to tweak quite a bit when I use a generated prompt, but this week’s result produced something I was quite happy with right off the bat.



Ricky's Challenge Photos


Photos of the Week - Week 9


Critique Group Challenge: 

Week 9, Mellow Yellow

Photo by Ricky Tims

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Ricky says: 

Tap dancing a bit here. While in the Ozarks I had a new set of trees and forsets for drive panning. I did many. Here, I used one of those images, created an upper layer with a yellow gradient - blended the two and then pulled back the opacity of the yellow. I liked the vibe.


2024 AI Image Club -  Zodiac


Week 9, Zodiac 

Photo by Ricky Tims

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Ricky says:  















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