I'm HOME! My week was amazing and while I wish I could have blogged everyday, there were two major obstacles that prevented it. First, there was no internet in my room and so that was a challenge. The other, and more important reason, is that the workshop kept me so occupied and inspired that I simply couldn't stop to post. However, I'd still like to share the event with you so I will put together a delayed series of blogs to give you the full idea.

In the afternoon of Day 1, Andre Gallant taught us to do a technique called "panning." The objective is to move the camera while the shutter is briefly open to get impressionistic effects. Here are some examples of my first efforts at doing panning. The first photo is of a stand of sunflowers. My evaluation of this photo is that the composition is fine (two strong rectangles). However, the panning doesn't give any real impact the the sunflowers.  

Here are a couple of photos that I really love of ferns. You can tell the difference in the effect. I like both but the more blurred one is appealing to me because the ferns remind me of fossils.

The photo of the sea gull was captured by following the bird in flight. I really like the woven texture created in the background.

Below are a few more photos I took late in the afternoon of our first day. I was getting my feet wet with new techniques. Keep in mind, these photos are intended to be artistic expressions and not documentary photos. In other words, they are blurred on purpose... I'm just sayin'...


#2 Carol Moellers 2012-10-16 15:53
Patricia, that one was my favorite too. It reminds me of the the old fashioned windmills we had on the farm. I wonder what would happen if you did it with flowing water, like with rapids or a waterfall, or heavy rain. Falling snow would be neat too. Thanks again for the great pictures Ricky!!!
#1 Patricia L Walters 2012-10-16 03:13
Kudos Ricky! You did good. The photo top right in the group of 4 with a round silver-edged thing with black center, is really GREAT. The photo made a very good non-objective art piece. I really like the colors spraying out from the center of the disk. Can't tell what the object is but great photo.!

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