Autumn at Yellowstone Creek

by Ricky Tims

I love autumn in Colorado - the colors are magnificent and the mountains are majestic! 

Photo Inspiration


Autumn at Yellowstone Creek by Ricky Tims 2003

Detail of Autumn at Yellowstone Creek by Ricky Tims 2003

My favorite time of year in Colorado is Autumn. The colors are magnificent and the mountains are so majestic. I was inspired by the Fall foliage of the gamble/scrub oaks when I first discovered the ranch that I now live on.

I took the photo (shown above) in the Fall of 2003. Do you see the eagle head on the mountain in the distance? This was taken 15 years before the fire of 2018 that burned all of the land you see here. The photo became the inspiration for a quilt that I started soon thereafter. It is a small quilt (about 17” x 20”), and is heavily textured with thread. Autumn Rock (located on my ranch) is the largest rock formation in the distance, in the center of the image. The fabrics are hand-dyed.






May 2020 Scrap Bags have a special fabric swatch.

Pile of scraps have been bagged and are ready for you. Anyone who purchases a May 2020 scrap bag will receive inside the bag a "challenge swatch". This over-dyed print MUST be used (visibly, noticeably) in your challenge quilt. It's only a small swatch, and you don't have to use it all.


1. Purchase a May 2020 Scrap Bag which contains the challenge swatch. (Only 90 bags available)

2. Quilt size limitations. No smaller than 24" on any side, no larger than 60" on any side.

3. Quilts must be made entirely from Ricky Tims Scrap Bag fabric with the exception. Solid commercial black, pure white, or a black and white stripe may be used.

4. Quilts must visibly contain fabric from the challenge swatch, whether or not it is featured, or disguised.

5. Your scrap bag purchase is your 'entry fee'. All people purchasing a May 2020 Scrap Bag will be in the database for notifications about the challenge. HOWEVER: You are not required to make a quilt for the challenge.

6. No limit on Scrap Bags. 

7. Entry deadline is September 7, 2020. Additional information about submitting entries will be sent to everyone via email who purchased a May 2020 Scrap Bag. Purchasers are NOT required to enter, but all are eligible.

8. Pieced quilts, appliqué quilts, or quilts with a combination of both are acceptable.

9. Embellishments should be limited to fibers only (threads, yarns, etc).

10. Quilts must be three layers, front, batting, backing.

11. No surface alteration to the fabric is allowed. (No painting, stamping, foiling, dying, or inking, etc.)

12. Quilts must have appropriate finished edges. Binding, facing, or other.

13. Quilts much be quilted, by hand or machine, using any machine or method of quilting.

14. Originality is encouraged but all designs, from traditional to contemporary, modern, improv, and artful, are welcome.

15. Quilts must be entirely made by one person.



$250 Cash
Plus a 40 Yard Bundle of
Ricky Tims Hand-dyed Fabric
and feature on future episode
2nd PRIZE - $400 VALUE
$150 Cash
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Ricky Tims Hand-dyed Fabric
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Colorado is on a shelter in place mandate and as a result, the two employees that work in the offices at Ricky Tims Inc, are staying home. Heather, who manages the Online Store, and receives most emails, has the office computer at home for communications only. She will not be back in the office/warehouse to fulfill orders until the mandate is lifted. 

The most important thing for everyone is to stay safe. Please do your part by washing your hands and abiding by directives that come your way.

In the meantime, here is a list that will keep us all connected.

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I am reading chapters of Lizzy Albright in VidPods on YouTube. Head on over to the playlist - click - then go quilt or craft - and listen. Nothing to watch really - like a audio book with commentary by the authors - Ricky Tims and Kat Bowser. is offering a six month stay-in-place subscription for only $19.95. Over 300 episodes are available to you 24/7.


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UPDATE: New Dates are December 2-3, 2020

Due to the statement issued by Tucson mayor Regina Romero last evening, suggesting that events with over 50 persons be postponed, we are doing exactly that. 

Ricky Tims Quilt Luminarium is meeting with Casino Del Sol this morning to determine new dates. We will postpone this event to a later date. We will follow up with the new date and additional details ASAP. I wanted to get this notice out ASAP for anyone who might be traveling today.

At this time there is nothing for you to do and no choice you must make. As soon as we can formulate complete plans and set in place the options, we will reach out and share those.

—Ricky Tims


Lizzy Albright and the
Attic Window

by Ricky Tims and Kat Bowser
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This book is for you and the youngsters in your life. 
Be the first to discover the world of Lizzy Albright. 

It’s Christmas Eve 1964 which also happens to be the tenth birthday of Lizzy Abright, a red-headed, freckle-faced, over-imaginative child. The Beatles have made it big—and beehive hairdos are pretty big too. Station wagons have rear facing seats, and aluminum Christmas trees with rotating color wheels are the rage. Through the discovery of a family heirloom quilt, Lizzy is transported to an enchanted land where a powerful curse has befallen the kingdom of Ailear. Lizzy and her companions believe they can reverse the curse, but an evil sorceress has other plans. This magical and thrilling multi-layer story can be described as Harry Potter, meets Alice in Wonderland, meets the Wizard of Oz.

THE BOOK • $19.95
pictured above

Ships Mid-April 2020
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Traditional quilt blocks play a minor role in the story. Quilters will be amused when they skim across a phrase that relates to a bear’s paw or a pickle dish. Some references will be obvious, but others are fairly-well hidden. The vintage quilt plays a critical role in the story, but it’s important to note that this is not a story about a quilt. It’s a story about empowerment, leaps of faith, and courage. Its a story about how choices come with consequences, and how sometimes great adversity can be a challenge to overcome. 


The ORIGINAL Collectable Bundle • $39.99 save almost 30%

Description: Ships Mid-April 2020. Save almost 30% by ordering this Lizzy Albright introductory souvenir bundle that contains an autographed copy of the paperback novel, a tote bag, a Lizzy mug, a souvenir button, and a Lizzy lanyard. The book in this promotional bundle will be autographed by Ricky Tims and will include an autographed bookplate by Kat Bowser.

Ships Mid-April




Ricky Tims has designed thirty-six SKUs of Lizzy Albright fabric with Benartex which will arrive in stores this summer. The fabrics were specifically designed to make the Lizzy Albright Quilt. They have a vintage look, and some of these fabrics are actually described in the novel. Here are three of the fabric designs.

Scottie Dogs


Singing Roosters


Fun Flowers


A separate book with the complete patterns and instructions for making the Lizzy Albright quilt will come next. The quilt will be perfect for shops to kit, or to organize as a Block of the Month. Kids who embrace the novel will want to have their own Lizzy Albright quilt—just like the one in the story. This will be an opportunity to get a new generation involved in quilting. By using the Lizzy Albright fabrics, you can make the exact quilt that Lizzy’s Granny made. The quilt will be revealed soon, but you can image it. It is a 42-block, depression-era sampler quilt with Attic Windows and Flying Geese. Stay tuned for the big reveal, but in the meantime, here’s three blocks from the quilt made with the actual Lizzy Albright fabrics that were designed by Ricky Tims.

Bear's Paw


New York Beauty


Pickle Dish

An eBook will be available as soon as it can get transferred into an electronic format. 
Some stories are wonderful when read out loud. This is one of those books. An audiobook of the adventure will be produced.
Most everyone knows Ricky Tims is a composer, performer, and music producer. Kat Bowser, the co-author, is an amazingly talented singer and the two of them have performed numerous times together. They plan to make the book come to life with a musical recording that represents various scenes from the story.
Not all the blocks the quilt feature into this story, so other blocks can inspire sequels like, Lizzy Albright and the Log Cabin or Lizzy Albright and the Storm at Sea. Stay tuned!
To make quilting accessible to youngsters, Lizzy Albright quilt pattern books will be forthcoming over time (one block per book) that will share history, math, and perhaps a story behind the block. These over-sized patterns will make sewing and assembly much easier for kids, and can be used as a curriculum for kids quilting clubs.
One can dream! 
An excerpt from 
Lizzy Albright and the Attic Window
     They were putting their flasks back in their leaf cloak pockets when Gretta suddenly froze and said, “Shh!” She was listening intently and looking to the sky in the direction of the forest. McDoogle’s ears perked up as well.

    “What is that awful ruckus?” inquired McDoogle.

     A black cloud was swirling above the forest. The undulating mass darkened an entire section of the sky. It was tracking a course high above Lake Road and it was heading directly toward them. 

     “The grackles!” she shouted in a whisper. “Hide now! Under your cloaks…hurry…get on the ground!”

     Lizzy saw the swarming mass rushing their way. She and McDoogle both did as they were instructed and dove to the ground, huddled in a ball, and pulled their cloaks tightly around themselves. Off in the distance they could hear the high-pitched chattering that was coming from thousands of birds. The horrific noise sounded more like the squeaking shrills of tortured souls than birdsong, and it kept getting louder.

     “Don’t move!” said Gretta, as quietly as she could.

     Lizzy wasn’t exactly sure why they were having to hide. She had seen flocks of birds before—never this many—but she suspected they were just flying in a group like many birds do, to get from one place to another. Still, something in the sound of Gretta’s voice indicated that the situation was serious, and Lizzy realized she needed to heed the warning. She might not have understood why, but deep down she knew that it was best for her to stay out of sight.

     The mass of birds was directly above them. Not only could Lizzy hear their deafening, piercing shrieks, but she could actually feel her leaf cloak moving from the wind that was generated by their aggressive, flapping wings. It seemed like an eternity, but eventually the noise started to ebb and became a long, slow decrescendo that finally faded away. 
     “Don’t move,” Gretta whispered again.

     Gretta was listening for any hint of a grackle that might be lingering behind. 

     “Mr. McDoogle, do you hear anything?” Gretta had begun to appreciate McDoogle’s ears.

     “Naw, Ms. Gretta, I don’t hear a thing.”  

     Gretta poked her head out and scanned the skies.

     “Okay. They’re gone.” She let out a silent sigh of relief.

     Lizzy and McDoogle crawled out from under their cloaks, stood up, and brushed themselves off. “What was that?” asked Lizzy.

     “That, my dear princess, was trouble.”

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