Hey everyone. I got to spend real time driving a Gammill. Nurse Wanda and her husband Ed have moved to La Veta and her Gammill is set up and raring to go. As you may know, all of my quilting has been done free-motion on a domestic machine. I kinda like giving this a try. 

What do you prefer: long arm quilting, domestic free-motion quilting or hand quilting?

pagosa springs

We'll the blizzard didn't spoil my plans. Thankfully if fizzled and I didn't get trapped at home.

One of my Christmas presents was a trip to a hot springs but it couldn't be scheduled until this weekend. Pagosa Springs, a beautiful small town located at the base of the famous Wolf Creek Pass in Colorado is home to the largest collection of mineral pools in the world. There is a rich history to the springs and the famous resort, but the new Springs Resort Hotel is a great addition to that history. There's nothing like a soak in the healing waters to soothe the body and mind. However, notice whose half-naked body you do NOT see in the photo! Yes, I prefer to soak at night.

There are a total of 23 pools in various degrees of warmth. This photo shows how the minerals have built up over the years creating beautiful and colorful mineral flows.

Now I'm feeling a bit refreshed and looking forward to a week of creativity. What cool getaway do you recommend?

spring snow

I have a song on my Sacred Age CD called Midwinter Dreams. It is a tone poem representing a beautiful snowy, moonlit night where a peacefulness floats over the valley. 

Now it is Spring and the snows are falling big time. Yesterday was so sunny and 'almost' warm that I wore shorts, but another blizzard came through last night and this is what my today will look like. Maybe I'll write a new piece, Spring Dreams.

Today has been scheduled as a play day - my first in months. I'll keep you posted. What do you think I should do?

Old Blog Image

Welcome to the new face of RickyTims.com. I hope you will enjoy the new look and new features - such as this - my personal blog. While the LOOK is new, it will take some time to spiffy up all the content - especially the quilt galleries - so be patient while we do that. 

New on the site is a video link as well as a completely revised Online Store. It's sort of like Spring cleaning -only better! Above is a snapshot of the old site for reference. What do you think?

RT on Camel (Large)

I've just returned from teaching at the International Quilt Festival in Dubai. There's a few stories to tell, but first - here's me on a camel.

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