lifelines 1Lifelines I, 20" x 20" - Ricky Tims (2010)

The little quilt above was born out of samples I created in my recent retreats. The sharp spikes are set in seams, not applique. I like the way this turned out and I got many suggestions for names. Many folks seemed to think it reminded them of clothes on a line. Others saw an elephant. Some of the suggestions were specific titles for this particular quilt, but I see this as the start of s series so I wanted a name that I could tack on a roman numeral. So the clothesline got me thinking and while I diverged from the suggestion I have settled on Lifelines - like the unique ones on our hands. Titles are always intriguing to me. Do you ever struggle with titles? 

Here's my new little quilt. It came about as a result of a hand-dyed mono-print sample I made while teaching mono-prints in a dye class. After the sample was washed I found it intriguing and after looking at it for a few days I began seeing it as a background for a village of teepees with smoke rising. I had many suggestions as to what to name this quilt. In the end, I researched Native American words. The name Awendela means "daylight" or "morning." Since I have had teepees on my mind (see previous posts) it should be obvious why this quilt was born. It's not earth-shattering, but it was fun to make.


Now that Little Bear has been revealed, there is still a bit of mystery about Big Bear. Some of you have guessed it to be a medicine hut or a sweat lodge. This video shows a new element - the fire pit - being built. Stay tuned.

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