In honor of International Quilting Day I started working on an improvisational quilt. I made the blocks last night - that only took a couple of hours. I had no idea where this would go, but i put them on the design wall an slept on it. This morning this was my jumping off point.

Today i spent the morning adding a few bits here and there and had the border on by 2:30pm. Whoo-hoo! I'm calling this one Firewall II.

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What did you do to celebrate International Quilting Day 2013?

I have made a tiny little piece (approx 6" x 9") and donated it to the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum for their upcoming fundraiser and auction called Fabric and Friends. The event is this Saturday!

17th Annual Fabric & Friends
with Master of Ceremonies David Taylor
Saturday March 23, 2013
11:30 am to 3:00 pm
Arvada Center for the Arts & Humanities

I made Wallflower from my hand-dyed fabrics. It features my iconic flower from Bohemian Rhapsody. The stitching is with Rainbows from Superior Threads.

If you would like to bid on this quilt here are the details provided to me from the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum.

They will accept phone-in bids through Friday, March 22 until 4pm Mountain time. Bidders should call 303-277-0377 and submit their starting bid and their maximum bid. Someone from RMQM will bid on their behalf at the auction on Saturday.

You will be asked to give your name, shipping address, and credit card information. Your card won’t be charged unless you have the winning bid.

Have fun bidding!

Social issues have always been a part of the quilting culture. Quilts supporting war efforts as well as anti-war statements have been created as a way for the artist to speak. Quilts made in support of the temperance movement of the early 1900s were made to express a stance. Artist don't communicate with words, they communicate with imagery which filters in through the eye. Musicians communicate with sounds and emotions that filters in through the ears. I'm an artist more than I am a writer, so for me, music and art are my best vehicles for communication.

I have made quilts that express my personal philosophies. I made a quilt to work though the emotions of 9/11. Yesterday I made a quilt to expressing current social issues on marriage equality. I feel blessed to live in a country where we have the freedom to express ourselves without fear of adverse repercussions,  imprisonment, or death. I mean no disrespect for anyone's choice of opinion, I'm just an artist sharing my work and making my own statement.

Interestingly for me, the simple shapes in the marriage equality logo screamed, "Make me a Modern Quilt!" - and so I did. "Modern Quilts" are a new style of minimalistic quilts.  They tend to have larger open areas of negative space, the pieces are often large, and the quilting creates a dominant, but repetitive texture.

This one is called Red See. It measures 32" x 48".

The entries for the 2013 Five Fabric Challenge were amazing this year! It's almost overwhelming to see the various designs that are submitted. The task of finding the top three and picking a winner is difficult. The selection panel always struggles, but we think the winning design will be a crowd pleaser for sure!

Congratulations to designer Michael Michalski, the 2013 Five Fabric Challenge winner for his entry Keystone. Michael is a two-time recipient of the challenge award. His previous winning design, Prairie Window, is available in the Ricky Tims Online Store. 

Michael will receive $500 for his design and Ricky Tims Inc. will publish the pattern for this stunning quilt. The pattern for Keystone, a 42" x 42" wall quilt, will be available in late summer.

Michael says, of this quilt,
"This design began with finding different ways to frame blocks using Courthouse Steps as alternate blocks. I found interlocking shapes I thought of as 'keystone' (it reminds me of the Pennsylvania state symbol) and picture frame. Then stars were chosen to enhance them."

Keystone by Michael Michalski.

Second prize, and a $250 Ricky Tims Store Shopping Spree goes to Patti Brown, creator of Rhombus Rumble 40"x40". 

Patti's quilt is paper pieced from
14 different block designs made up of 4, 5 or 7 pieces of material. Each block finishes at 5" square.

Third prize, and a $100 Ricky Tims Store shopping spree goes to - Cindy Briggs for Old World Reverie,
53" x 41". Cindy says, "I wanted to reflect on the old world charm and opulence of the good old glory days....I feel that this piece evokes the charm and glory of the past, while being fresh and new for today's quilters."

Start working now. Who knows? You may be the 2014 Five Fabric Challenge Design Contest winner!

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